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Mix: Casper & B. – “CHARGE UP! Vol. 1”

The L.A. Production Duo Create a Mix Experience for Nest HQ, Prepare forLow Battery Summer, Set to Release 6/20


charge up casper b

The Mix: 

Los Angeles production duo Casper & B. create energetic dance music, influenced by footwork, drum n bass, hyphy and trap, and steeped in old-school Hip-Hop. The duo wear their influences on their sleeves on “CHARGE UP! Vol. 1,” their new mixtape for Nest HQ. Featuring classic party vibes interspersed with exclusive remixes, underground gems, and new contexts of tracks by Gucci Mane, Lil B, DJ Godfather, Salva, Kendrick Lamar, and Beyoncé and others, “CHARGE UP! Vol. 1” is the perfect soundtrack to a vibey Friday night.

Casper & B explained the theory behind their new mix to Nest HQ: “We’re super perfectionists with our mixes, and really wanted to create an experience, a roller coaster of emotions through out the 1hour mix.  it starts around 100 BPM to get you dancing and builds in energy to 104… Then halfway through it drops to 75 to give you a break and hit you with some half time feel good jams. from there it builds all the way to the epic finish at 120BPM. We have a lot of our own music in here but this mix has a lot of influences- – a lot of lite feet from New York, hyphy from the bay, some New Orleans bounce, Chicago bop music, and LA beat scene. We also incorporated various forms of bass music and trap but did it in our own way. that stuff is typically a lot slower so we sometimes sped em up 30-40 BPM, or pitched it up, or mashed it up with a rap acapella, making it sound like a totally different song, even a new genre.”

Production duo Casper & B. are crafting a sound that’s soulful and upbeat, the opposite of rap’s current slow and dark trend. Pete Rock stans at heart, the Los Angeles-based production duo’s forthcoming album also ties in influence from hyphy, go-go, New Orleans bounce, Blink 182, and early Kanye West. Casper & B.’s Low Battery Summer project is slated for release on June 20th. Last week, Casper & B shared “New Phone Who Dis,” a collaboration with Pell influenced by the Lite Feet dance style premiered by Mass Appeal. the Michael Christmas and Marc E. Bassy-assisted single “Work Hard,” which debuted via Pigeons & Planes earlier this year. “When we decided to create our own album, we actually sat down and started listening to all of our favorite music from our entire life,” they explain. “We didn’t know what our sound was yet, but we knew we wanted it to be fun.” A desire to make people dance with catchy hooks and upbeat production, boosted by raps and additional vocals by a collection of cutting-edge collaborators, Casper & B. are certain to stand out from the norms of new music.

Listen to “CHARGE UP Vol. 1”: https://soundcloud.com/nesthq/nest-hq-guest-mix-casper-b

Check out the Nest HQ Premiere: http://nesthq.com/casper-b-interview-mix/

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Please contact Michelle or Rory if interested in talking with Casper & B.

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“CHARGE UP Vol. 1”: https://soundcloud.com/nesthq/nest-hq-guest-mix-casper-b

“New Phone Who Dis” (ft. Pell): https://soundcloud.com/casperxb/new-phone-who-dis

“Work Hard” (ft. Marc E. Bassy & Michael Christmas): https://soundcloud.com/casperxb/work-hard

“Sneak”: https://soundcloud.com/casperxb/sneak