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TisaKorean Releases New Album Wasteland. via Ultra Records

The Houston Dance Rap Luminary Shares a Self-Directed New Three-in-One Video for Tape Highlights “Babysteps,” “Go,” and “Sunset”

The 24-Year-Old Artist Shares His Most Expansive Artistic Statement Yet, Ranging From Bassy Bangers to Melodic Jams

Critical Praise:

“The Houston artist is taking Texas dance rap to new, and much weirder, heights.” – The FADER

“TisaKorean’s Lunatic Dance Rap Is Made for More Than Just Memes” – SPIN

“With its tinny mix, infectious chant raps, and Fruity Loops-style beats, this Texas dance rap king’s debut has a refreshingly unforced charm.” – Pitchfork

“Tisakorean is in the future. Need proof? Watch one of his Aeropostale and Sperry wearing freestyle rap Instagram videos. In the last year, Tisakorean has become the king of Texas dance rap.” – Pitchfork

The Announcement:

TisaKorean is a restless creative, constantly originating new dances, producing his own beats, and even inventing his own language. The Houston native channels his insatiable creative energy into Wasteland., his brand new album. Spanning 14 tracks, Wasteland. is a whirlwind tour through Tisa’s wild world of ladies and libations, offering party anthems of all speeds, shapes, and sizes. The 24-year-old rapper experiments with a variety of entrancing flows, offering rapidfire patter in the rubbery anthem “F*ck It Up,” delivering teetering, monosyllabic bars in “It’ll Clap,” and even proving to be an expert melodist on bouncy banger “Friday Nite” and the plaintive and emotional “Sunset.” Wherever his muse takes him, Tisa is always focused on the dance floor, always making sure his bass knocks and his hi-hats bounce.

“I’m excited about Wasteland.,” says TisaKorean. “The music on this project lets you hear where I’m at and where I’m going. I can’t wait to bring people along for the ride. I came up with the title ‘Wasteland.’ because I feel that’s what the project is: a ‘landfill’ of different vibes. I think it’s something on there for everyone.”

The new album is home to “The Mop,” a collab with Kblast and Huncho Da Rockstar that generated over 40 million streams and inspired one of the first viral dances of the young decade. Wasteland also hosts recent singles like iRock (Sippin On Dat Ciroc),” a thumping Texas trap slapper with an appearance from Kblast,  Did You Know (Wifi Password)/Bounce,” a downtempo,  Pitchfork-approved banger that earned the attention of Chance The RapperRocky Road, an EDM-flavored bouncer with contributions from Father and YehMe2, and beat-shifting dance-rap odyssey “Bate Onna Bo.” Wasteland. is available everywhere via Ultra Records.

Along with the album, TisaKorean shares Babysteps” a music video that includes three of the album’s highlight tracks. Directed and edited by TisaKorean himself, the video follows Tisa through an action-packed night. The clip starts in the bedroom, as Tisa engages in a tryst to the tune of “Sunset,” before he takes an ATV down the streets of Houston as the minimal bleeps and bloops of “Go” ring in the background. The bulk of the video highlights “Babysteps,” which features the menacing horn fanfares and syrup-friendly lyrics of Houston rap, complete with the emphatic flow and off-color witticisms that have become his trademark: “It’s way too packed, there ain’t no parking spots around the club.” “Baby Steps” finds Tisa and his crew mobbing outside the club, as Tisa shows off his directorial skills with close-ups and split-screen edits.

With notable fans including Chance The RapperLeBron JamesLil Uzi VertJames HardenJonah HillMarshmelloDiplo, and more, TisaKorean is primed to bring his positive energy to a bigger audience with Wasteland. Catch the wave now, before everybody starts to speak Tisinese.

Buy/Stream Wasteland.https://ffm.to/tk-wasteland

Watch the new three-in-one video for “Babysteps:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMd4U5_ZRzU

Wasteland. Tracklist:
1. Baddies In My City
2. It’ll Clap
3. Take A Shot
4. iRock (Sippin on Dat Ciroc) feat. Kblast
5. Rocky Road feat. Father & Yehme2
6. Fuck it Up
7. Friday Nite
8. Lean
9. Go
10. Baby Steps
11. Did You Know (Wifi Password)
12. Bate Onna Bo
13. Sunset
14. The Mop feat. Kblast, Huncho Da Rockstar

Please contact Michelle or Kevin for more info.

The Background:

TisaKorean is an urban dance and rap artist notable for creating songs with immense cultural impact. In 2017, he spearheaded the “#thewoah” movement with his song “DIP,” and in 2019 he gave us “The Mop,” an infectious instructional dance record featuring his collective members Kblasst and Huncho Da Rockstar. In 2019, he signed a partnership with global brand Aeropostale, performed across Rolling Loud, Lyrical Lemonade and Fool’s Gold stages, and inked a record deal with indie dance label Ultra Records.

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“Babysteps”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMd4U5_ZRzU

“Rocky Road” ft. Father & YehMe2: https://ffm.to/rocky-road / https://youtu.be/kj3gQl1slno

“Did You Know (Wifi Password)/Bounce”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCMhBjfc670

“iRock (Sippin On Dat Ciroc)” ft. Kblast: https://ffm.to/irock / https://youtu.be/tSarCkInRKs

“Bate Onna Bo”: https://ffm.to/bateonaboat / https://youtu.be/wTyn2LUnpLU

“The Mop” (4B Remix): https://ffm.to/themop-4b

“The Mop” ft. Kblast & Huncho Da Rockstar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jj9i_C2lI90 / https://opposition.lnk.to/TheMop