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With collaborative history dating back to 2000, two established independent artists in Illogic and Blockhead are teaming up for their first full-length, Capture The Sun. The rapper and producer agreed to the project during a creative intersection in their solo careers: Illogic wanted to “step outside of himself” to focus more on storytelling and relaying the feelings of his present; Blockhead wanted to once again collaborate with rappers. Now, on April 16th, Illogic & Blockhead will release Capture The Sun, which, along with features from Slug (of Atmosphere), Blueprint, Abstract Rude, and more, will be released on TK via Man Bites Dog Records.

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With collaborative history dating back to 2000, two established independent artists, Illogic & Blockhead are teaming up for their first full-length, Capture The Sun which was released on TK via Man Bites Dog Records. The Columbus, Ohio emcee/poet and Manhattan artist/producer agreed to the project during a creative intersection in their solo careers. “I was getting to a place in my writing where I was getting outside of my head. Some of my earlier works were very personal – and some of this album is too – but I wanted to step outside of myself – storytelling and things of that nature. I thought that the things me and Blockhead did in the past worked,” explains Illogic, who had recorded “An Ocean” with the musical counterpart on his Write To Death Part 2 in addition to appearing on Aesop Rock’s Labor Days, which Blockhead worked extensively on. Two years ago Illogic text-messaged Block, who he’d met a decade ago while staying with Aesop Rock during a Rocksteady Crew anniversary. “I’d been wanting to work with rappers again, after doing a few instrumental albums,” added Block. “Being a fan and friend of Illogic’s, I jumped all over it.”

Through virtual sessions, Illogic picked through hundreds of Block beats, and began bringing the long-developed theme of Capture The Sun to words. The concept of staying focused on your ambitious despite them seeming out of reach resonated with the Greenhouse group veteran, who feels that much of the album’s lyrics draw from that. “I’m married and I have children. It’s been deterred a bit, but I’ve never stopped going for my dream.” Over 40 songs were recorded, and two batches were parsed out into two free EP volumes of Preparing For Capture. Fans familiar with both artists had a chance to resonate. The most cohesive songs remained, yielding a benchmark moment for two veterans with extensive catalog.

With recent shows and plans of touring together in 2013, the pair feels a kinship. “Illogic’s taste in beats is different from most rappers that I work with. He’s one of the few rappers who can rock over beats that sound melancholy-yet-beautiful and have it not sound corny,” notes Blockhead, who has produced for Murs, Cage and Aesop Rock, in addition to his acclaimed Ninja Tune Records solo catalog. “I think we complement each other very well. I’d like to think some of the stuff I gave him allowed him to write a more honest album. I know some of what he wrote is some real spill-your-guts stuff.” Illogic agrees, and explains his process, “I really just draw on experience, watching television, relationships, and my own life. I’m really introverted, I’m not outgoing per se. I’m an observer, and that’s what my writing draws on.” Both artists point to songs like “Beautiful Sunday” and “Lighthouse” as illustrated proof of what they wanted to say artistically. The album touches on third-person stories as well as firsthand accounts within Illogic and his family.

With close ties to Def Jux and Rhymesayers respectively, both vets echo a satisfaction in finding a worthy label home for Capture The Sun. “The idea of the label is what everybody wants, but it’s hard to find. So when you do, it’s special,” says Block. Illogic notes that he was inspired by the success and creative freedom he witnessed in friend/fellow Columbus veteran Copywrite. At Man Bites Dog Records, the sun burns bright for Illogic & Blockhead.


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