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Song: Breezepark – “Paradise” ft. Zara Bash

The Precocious Virginia Rap Group Drops an Exuberant New Track, Premiered by The Hundreds


Critical Praise for Breezepark:


PLAY, CMRNPRKR, Ty Safari, and Rye have made a name for themselves in their hometown of Suffolk, Virginia, with a new generation of rap fans embracing their unique sound.” – NYLON

The Song:

Roaring out of Suffolk, Virginia, rap group BreezePark, with pop and electronic influences, is a leader in the Hip-Hop New School. A bouncy, melodic anthem for anyone with the courage and convictions to follow their dreams premiered today by The HundredsParadise bounds with youthful energy, as the group’s four emcees breathlessly trade optimistic verses. Featuring a guest appearance from 18-year-old rapper Zara Bash, “Paradise” is the purest distillation yet of the group’s appeal, bursting with hard rhymes and youthful charisma.

A group of four kindred souls from very different backgrounds, the quartet of PLAY, CMRNPRKRTy Safari, and Rye met at a skate park in Suffolk, Virginia. The group, whose members are all between the ages of 19 and 21, is a massive sensation in their hometown, selling out shows with little to no promotion. In 2015, the group released Strangers, which won them a sizable Soundcloud following and earned them coverage in NYLON and HotNewHipHop. BreezePark is currently hard at work at their debut album, getting ready to bring whats taken over Suffolk to the rest of the world.

Listen to “Paradise”: https://soundcloud.com/breezeparkfm/breezepark-paradise-feat-zara-bash

Check Out the Hundreds’ Premiere: http://thehundreds.com/blog/premiere-breezepark-toasts-to-the-good-life-on-their-new-single-paradise/

Please contact Michelle or Isabel if interested in talking with Breezepark.

Breezepark Background:
Dynamic and diverse are perhaps the best words to define the Suffolk, Virginia based hip-hop group, Breezepark. Since meeting through rival high schools, the group has been striving to build their platform as a dominant name in the music community while reinforcing the importance of positivity, self empowerment, determination, and truth through their art.

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“Paradise” ft. Zara Bash: https://soundcloud.com/breezeparkfm/breezepark-paradise-feat-zara-bash

Strangers EP: https://soundcloud.com/breezeparkfm/sets/strangers