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Single: Maxo Kream – “Grannies”

The Houston Emcee Revisits His Childhood in This Visceral Depiction of Growing Up in Houston’s Projects, Premiered by Complex


Critical Praise for Maxo Kream:

“Over the last couple years, Maxo Kream has established himself as one of Houston’s most exciting young rappers by way of being one of Houston’s least traditionally minded artists.” – Noisey

“Going off Maxo’s last few tracks, The Persona Tape should live up to the expectations set by last year’s excellent MAXO 187.” – HotNewHipHop

“A sinister and visceral portrait of Houston street life.” – Pitchfork

The Song:

“Uncle Bo was stealing from my grandma/can’t leave shit around him/Roaches, rats, and ants inside my pantry/can’t leave food around here” – Maxo Kream on “Grannies.”

The braggadocious nature of much rap music often obscures the fact that Hip-Hop culture sprung from poverty–an environmental response to a vicious cycle. On the Complex-premiered single “Grannies,” produced by Mexiko DroMaxo Kream digs into his childhood, painting a vivid portrait of life in the projects of Southwest Houston. Rhyming in a trance-enducing, monotonous duple meter flow over a haunting organ-driven beat, Maxo matter-of-factly relates memories from his time living with his Grandma, including, living with multiple family members in a one-bedroom home, stealing his aunt’s car when he caught her smoking his weed, and witnessing his uncle murder somebody at the age of 6. Despite some of his negative experiences, he appreciates his family for standing by him through the struggle, and especially his Grandma for keeping them all together. Earlier this week, Maxo Kream spoke to XXL about his plans for 2017.

Explains Maxo, “I made this song so people could understand me. A lot of my fans are in the white hipster internet crowd. They like my music, but they don’t know why I say certain shit. They can’t relate to it. ‘Grannies’ describes a typical scene at my Grandma’s place which is where I lived after Mom and Dad kicked me out when I was 14 or 15 years old. Everything I said in that song, n*ggas know. Ain’t no secret, it’s real.”

After breaking out in 2015 with the critically acclaimed Maxo 187, he advanced his artistry with The Persona Tape, released last June. Featuring appearances from fellow Houston rapper Paul Wall and Atlanta rappers Playboi Carti, Key!, and Rich the Kid, the tape finds Maxo Kream exploring the intricacies of his public profile and how he is perceived. Your persona is how you carry yourself,” said Maxo Kream to Complex. “It tells people everything about who you are, so it’s more important than a social security number. This tape is everything I’m about. Persona shit.” Featuring tracks such as the grime-tinged “Big Worm,” which earned co-signs from Skepta and Wiley, and garnered over 1 million SoundCloud plays in the process, and video singles such as “G3” and “Smoke Break,” The Persona Tape was one of the most celebrated rap releases of the year. Maxo recently finished touring the nation with Danny Brown, and provided a guest verse to “Running Man,” the first Cool Kids track since 2011. Starting with “Grannies,” Maxo will make further strides in 2017, refining his aesthetic and winning new fans in the process.

Listen To “Grannies”: https://soundcloud.com/maxo-kream/grannies/s-0DWkP

Buy “Grannies”: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/grannies-single/id1198308266

Check out the Complex Premiere: http://www.complex.com/music/2017/01/maxo-kream-new-song-grannies

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Please contact Michelle or Dharmic if interested in talking with Maxo Kream.

Maxo Kream Background:

Upon meeting him, gangsta rapper isn’t the impression that most would get from buzzing Houston emcee, Maxo Kream, age 25. He has a surprisingly goofy and playful demeanor, often cracking self-aware jokes and displaying a smile with showcases either his gold grin or his trademark gap in the upper row of this teeth. But, make no mistake, Maxo’s backstory is a tale consisting of crime and death that would catch the attention of the most jaded followers of gangsta/trap rap.

Inspired by his college trip to SXSW and the fact that other street cliques throughout Houston such as FDAB (founded by late rapper T.O.Y, a childhood friend and Crip associate of Maxo) and MashMode (which has now resulted in the buzzing careers of Houston rap duo, The Sauce Twinz) were transitioning into music as a form of expression, Maxo and his younger cousin Lyndon (rap moniker Lyndo C), jumped into music. Maxo Kream’s sophomore project, #Maxo187 garnered attention with its unrelenting lyricism and exceptional production. With big name features and unmatched confidence, Maxo intends to show that he can compete with any emcee in the game.

official site | twitter | instagram | soundcloud | spotify

“Grannies”: https://soundcloud.com/maxo-kream/grannies/s-0DWkP

“Smoke Break”: https://youtu.be/TGlRtHg1cyg

“Out The Front Door”: https://youtu.be/CKaIVwXhwig

“G3”: https://youtu.be/6HYpO4d5tuU

The Persona Tape: http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/39867/maxo-kream-the-persona-tape.html

“Big Worm”: https://soundcloud.com/maxo-kream/big-worm // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Cus2UvzlvU&feature=youtu.be

“Spike Lee” ft. Playboi Carti and Rich the Kid: https://soundcloud.com/maxo-kream/spike-lee-ft-playboi-carti-rich-the-kid-prod-chuck-inglish/

#MAXO187 (Chopped Not Slopped by Slim K): http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/34024/maxo-kream-maxo-187.html

“Cell Boomin”: https://soundcloud.com/maxo-kream/cell-boomin-ft-father // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feFKeFMUS60


“Clientele”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1rMjJUk80s

Bio, pictures, and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/maxo-kream