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Video: Joey Trap – “I’m Good”

The San Diego-via-Spanish Harlem Rapper Shows His Sinister Side in the Video for the CHAMP EP Opener

Critical Praise:

“Joey Trap’s coming for necks in 2020” – HotNewHipHop

The Video: 

Switching up his style for each project without losing his artistic essence, Joey Trap is one of the most versatile rising rappers in the game. Loudly proclaiming his satisfaction with his life and career, Joey shares I’m Good,” a new music video. Plowing through tinker-toy synths and booming 808s (courtesy of producers Akachi and MoneyEvery) with a rock-steady flow, Joey revels in his self-made status and proudly proclaims his intentions to do whatever he wants whenever he wants: “Doin’ 120 while we ridin’ on the freeway/Momma mad I threw like $30,000 on my B-day.” In the video, directed by Nicholas Jandora (Lil Skies, Gnar, Landon Cube), Joey jerry-rigs a deadly weapon out of a saw and a baseball bat, dwelling in his lair with a crew of baddies and a boxframe Buick and waiting for his opportunity to bust loose and take over the world.

“I’m Good” is the opening track from CHAMP, Joey’s recently released EP. An 11-pack of textured, feel-good trap music, CHAMP finds Joey in flex-mode: “F*ck it I do my thing/VVS bless my chain/I did this on my own, so if I lose myself to blame,” he rhymes on project highlight “Right Now.” Featuring the recent single I DO, which inspired a mischievous wedding-set new video, CHAMP EP showcases Joey’s diverse taste in production–he likes echoing 808s, plinking percussion, and earworm-y guitar lines. Joey artfully mixes boasts and biography, reflecting on how his past struggles inform his desire for stardom. Dedicated to all the champs in Joey’s life, from his mother to his brother to his fans at home, CHAMP EP is available to stream everywhere via Young Rich Squad/PIVTL Projects.

With over 225k followers on Instagram and 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Joey Trap is carving his own path through the industry and picking up an army of loyal fans in the process. Already one of the most prolific rappers in the game, Joey makes an uncommonly diverse music, bending his styles to fit the tastes of rap fans of all stripes. In January, Joey shared the Wild West project, featuring an appearance from Mikey100k, a concept record with songs like “Purse” (featured on Spotify’s Clout Culture playlist and with over 1 million streams on Spotify), “John Wayne” (over 1.1 million streams on Spotify) and “Arrival” (775k Spotify streams).” February’s STFU EP has a punk rock energy and a sound purpose-built for mosh pits. Featuring an appearance from Joey’s frequent collaborator and recent tourmate TOKYO’S REVENGE, the STFU project hosts the anarchic single “JOHN CENA.

Though he’s released more than a year’s worth of music in just three months of 2020, Joey Trap is far from finished–stay tuned for much more from this San Diego-via-New York City rapper as the year moves along.

Watch “I’m Good”: https://youtu.be/ePh1bOLxzUY

CHAMP EP: https://pivtl.lnk.to/wZgNp

CHAMP EP tracklist:
1. I’m Good
2. I Do
3. House
4. Hot Boy
5. Champ Freestyle
6. Cheap Talk
7. Project Kid
8. Blasphemy
9. Right Now
10. Breaking Pencils
11. Tribute

Please contact Gavin or Kevin for more info.

The Background:

Born in New York to Puerto Rican and African-American heritage, Joey Trap (Take Risks and Prosper) is a promising young talent in rap whose sound is a confluence of genre-defying artists such as Tyler, The Creator, XXXtentacion, Travis Scott, and Young Thug. After moving from Spanish Harlem to San Diego at the age of 15, Joey first became attracted to rap as a hobby to escape the drug-dealing lifestyle he had become accustomed to. Realizing he had a knack for the art, he began producing, writing, and mixing his own raps and those of his closest friends, a collective he founded named Kloud Gang Entertainment. At 18 in 2017, Joey first caught attention with a string of undeniably captivating songs along with several EPs that would garner the attention of Asylum Records.

In 2019, after a split from the label and former musical cohorts, Joey spun-off his Young Rich Squad imprint, eventually joining forces with PIVTL Projects in 2020. With undeniable East Coast-bred braggadocio and fascinatingly animated vocalizations over 808-heavy bass, Joey continues to offer infectious and irreverently witty tracks like “Purse,” “Starz,” and “Saying Grace.” His latest 8-track output, Wild West, aided solely by Mikey100k, showcases the range of Joey’s addictive, bouncy sound and unique talent for wordplay. With multiple projects already slated for release in 2020, Joey’s music shows promise to become increasingly personal, anthemic, and urgent.

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Bio, photos, music, and more available here: https://audibletreats.com/joey-trap

“I’m Good”: https://youtu.be/ePh1bOLxzUY

CHAMP EP: https://pivtl.lnk.to/wZgNp

“I DO”: https://youtu.be/GqgDRgEax88

Watch “I DO” Behind-The-Scenes: https://youtu.be/-ALDhP55DJc


Wild Westhttps://music.apple.com/tr/album/wild-west/14952550455