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Project: TrenchMobb – Mobb Ties

The Follow-Up to Last Year’s Successful TMB4L Tape Finds the West Side Chicago Crew Further Developing Their Party-Positive Post-Drill Sound

Critical Praise:

“TrenchMobb is guaranteed to turn the crowd all the way up.” – Earmilk

“TrenchMobb is a group from Chicago, Illinois, that is quickly rising the ranks in their City.” – RESPECT Mag

The Project:

With a knack for melody and an unshakeable will to succeed, Chicago crew TrenchMobb has the West Side on lock. Showcasing their electric chemistry across 13 new bangers, the crew shares Mobb Ties, their new project. Featuring contributions from group members JR007Lil Jaydoe, and TMB Spazz, the Mobb Ties project finds the crew refining their winning formula, crafting infectious hooks to go with their relatable and realistic lyrics. The new project features recent video singles like financially prudent Invest” (710k views on YouTube) and the Dirty Glove Bastard-premiered “On A Mission” (359k views), which lays out the group’s raison d’etre: “And I’m on a mission/To run up the racks, money gotta get it/We made it work in the kitchen/Baking soda, rinse it off with the dishes.” Boasting new highlights like the 8-bit banger “Door Step” and the flute-laden trap gem “Different,” Mobb Ties streams everywhere via EMPIRE.

Cultivating a massive local following with their invigorating live show, TrenchMobb represents an evolution in the city’s Post-drill street sound. Influenced by artists like Drake, Chief Keef, and Lil Durk, the group started making videos in their neighborhood of Austin in 2018, reaching an audience with their bright hooks and dark subject matter. The crew is a big draw on YouTube, earning millions of views on hits like 2 Of Everything (6.1 million views) and All Types” (3.7 million views). Since then, the group has persevered amidst great adversity, including the tragic loss of original group member Sosa Corleone. The group members often branch out and drop solo cuts to show off their individual styles–recently, JR007 shared the Young Will-directed Can I Vent,” which has 242k views in less than two months of release, and last week’s “Change On Me,” a collaboration between JR and KeyMoneyy (120k views).

Buy/Stream Mobb Tieshttps://empire.ffm.to/mobbties

Mobb Ties tracklist:
1. How High
2. On A Mission
3. Spin Back
4. Sh*t On
5. Door Step
6. Moonlight
7. Invest
8. Serpent
9. Shake Sum
10. How I Feel
11. Different
12. Rags To Riches
13. Lows

Please contact Michelle or Erin for more info.

The Background:
TrenchMobb Background:

“You don’t really see Blacks and Latinos working together; that’s what’s special about us,” notes TrenchMobb member Spazz. “We’re showing the world that we can do this together, as opposed to just one culture at a time.” In a divisive world, a family-minded Rap group from Chicago’s West Side is a testament of unity, diversity, and positivity. Bandmate JR007 adds, “We’re all together, the Blacks, Hispanics, and white people.” Led by JR, Spazz, and Lil Jaydoe, this DIY group of artists with Colombian, Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Black heritage based in the Austin section of the city has nearly a dozen videos with views in the millions. Now partnered with EMPIRE, the collective is gearing up for its full-length debut in the spring of 2020.

EMPIRE Background:

Founded in 2010 by San Francisco native Ghazi Shami, EMPIRE has experienced immense growth through their innovative approach to independent label, distribution and publishing services. With their focus on early stage artist development, the San Francisco based company has been instrumental in launching the careers of multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Cardi B, DRAM and Anderson. Paak. In 2019, the independent EMPIRE continues to make a major impact, with smash hits and new music from Snoop Dogg, Iggy Azalea, XXXTentacion, Young Dolph, The Free Nationals, and more.

official site | instagram | youtube | spotify

JR007: instagram
Lil Jaydoe: instagram
TMB Spazz: instagram

Mobb Tieshttps://empire.ffm.to/mobbties

“On A Mission”: https://youtu.be/TQTFheGNeyo

“Invest”: https://youtu.be/26i0jCjLevU

TMBG4Lapple | spotify

“Tweakers”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvYj5idO4_Y

“Very Far”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWKKvZSllx0

“Caught Up In My Sins”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbKITgZ9uls