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Video: Starlito & Don Trip – “Do What I Gotta Do”

Starlito and Don Trip Reflect on Their Lives and Eat Shrimp In the “Do What I Gotta Do” Video


Critical Praise:

With Starlito and Don Trip, nothing is what it seems on the surface. On “Whistle Blowers,” a highlight from their recent EP Step Brothers (Karate in the Garage), they joyride the featherweight and Tarantino-sampling beat from Rob Stone’s “Chill Bill,” taking it into much stranger lands.” – Pitchfork

Step Brothers Two feels much more embattled and dark and all the better for it: Swooping trap meets  Sigur Rós strings on outsider anthem “Leash On Life” (whose empathy even reaches to school shooters), while storytelling street rap is taken to the level of Greek tragedy on “Caesar and Brutus.” – SPIN

The rap duo’s new project features plenty of the nimble lyricism that’s helped make them one of the better pairs in the rap game.” – XXL

The Video:

Combining electric lyricism with real introspection, Starlito and Don Trip paint a vivid picture with “Do What I Gotta Do.” Starlito begins the track with a braggadocios reflection on his own death, and Don Trip follows with a technical clinic – on how his life has changed since having children. A lot of rappers can rap quickly or self-examine, but few can do both with the panache and lyrical competence of the Step Brothers. The video follows Starlito and Don Trip for an average day in their lives, complete with blunts, seafood, and a live performance. “Do What I Gotta Do” is the latest video from Step Brothers THREE, the third well-received collaboration between the two Tennessee emcees, following the harrowing police brutality tale Good Cop, Bad Cop,” the goofy, playful “Yeah 5x,” and razor-tongued, basketball-themed “Boomshakalaka.” The duo is fresh off their 43 city Karate in the Garage Tour.

Two kindred spirits with distinct styles but similar sensibilities, Don Trip and Starlito caught lightning in a bottle with Step Brothers, which Pitchfork listed at #41 in their list of the 50 Best Mixtapes of the Millennium. A pithy, laidback emcee with a cult following and critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, NOISEY, Passion Of The Weiss and others, Starlito’s world-weary rhymes are sweetened with a poetic wisdom and a strong sense of humor. Hailing from Memphis, Don Trip is an incendiary wordsmith with a talent for expressing raw emotion. He earned solo success with the Cee-Lo Green cosigned “Letter To My Son,” a heartbreaking tale about his estrangement from his infant child.

Watch “Do What I Gotta Do”: https://youtu.be/EpkABQePCC8

Listen to Step Brothers THREE on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1iJABCIsFCgWSLuIEo3Yzj

Buy Step Brothers THREEwww.stepbrothersthree.com // https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/step-brothers-three/id1211484765

Please contact Michelle or Dharmic for more info.

Starlito: twitter | instagram | soundcloud | spotify | facebook

Don Trip: twitter | instagram | soundcloud | spotify | facebook

“Do What I Gotta Do”: https://youtu.be/EpkABQePCC8

“Boomshakalaka”: https://youtu.be/el-Rso5Uu0w

“Yeah 5x”: https://youtu.be/rjbW9EphPQk

Step Brothers 3: www.stepbrothersthree.com // https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/step-brothers-three/id1211484765 // https://open.spotify.com/album/1iJABCIsFCgWSLuIEo3Yzj

“Good Cop, Bad Cop”: https://youtu.be/CXBW-beyBGY

“Caesar & Brutus”: https://youtu.be/RRHLb9gySzA

“Paper, Rock, Scissors”: https://youtu.be/ff3TBEVc_ko

Karate in the Garagehttps://soundcloud.com/lito615/sets/stepbrothers

Step Brothers 2https://soundcloud.com/starlito-official/sets/step-brothers-two-2

Step Brothershttps://soundcloud.com/mrdontrip/sets/step-brothers-w-starlito

Bio, pics, and more here: http://www.audibletreats.com/starlito-x-don-trip-step-brothers-three/