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EP: Booty Fade – Booty Fade

Red Bull Premieres Award-Winning Dallas DJ/Producer Duo BOOTY FADE’s Highly Anticipated Self-Titled EP



Critical Praise for Booty Fade:

“Major players in Dallas’ party and indie rap scenes, DJ Sober and PICNICTYME, who have come together as Booty Fade have stepped into a new genre and created something different. …Picnic and Sober have been on their way to representing Dallas party music worldwide.” – Nu-Soul Mag

“Hit play below and get to twerkin’.” – SPIN

Booty Fade definitely uses the perfect ingredients for a booty shakin’ recipe, taking a classic jam and adding a much appreciated infusion of heavy bass, rolling hi-hats, and dub influenced delay and echo. It’s an entirely different feel than the original track but definitely welcomed.” – Earmilk

“[Booty Fade] are able to borrow other regions styles seamlessly, and still maintain the same high energy level, while also being able to maintain the bounce of their hip-hop origins by sampling various Dallas MCs. Their music is a high energy, creative take on different styles of dance music that maintains a rap origin.” – Two Hundred And Ten

The EP:

Fusing hip-hop with other genres has been around for decades all across the globe: jazz rap, rap rock, alternative hip-hop, and electro hop were all born by thinking outside the box. It’s this type of ideation that caused DJ/producer duo Booty Fade to blend elements of house, electronic, and bass music to create a new Southern-laced hybrid of rap and dance music. Today, Red Bull is premiering producer PICNICTYME and DJ Sober’s self-titled EP, which places popular Dallas street anthems and party music at the forefront of today’s dance music scene.

Named after a popular local haircut style, Booty Fade has quickly grabbed the attention of their hometown of Dallas, Texas starting with their first release, “F#$k Like a Stripper,” which won them the title of “Best Song” and “Best Producers” from the 2013 Dallas Observer Music Awards. They gained further attention for their dreamy, stripped-down rendition of Erykah Badu’s “On and On” which remains their most popular song on Soundcloud. Individually, they are what Nu-Soul Mag calls “Major players in Dallas’ party and indie rap scenes.” Realizing that they shared a common interest in making party records as well, Sober and Picnic formed Booty Fade as an outlet for them to venture away from their original musical projects. Says DJ Sober, “It feels good to get our debut Booty Fade EP out into the world. With this first offering, we wanted to give people a taste of where we come from and the voices and sounds that define Dallas.” Repping their city in their music comes natural to the energetic duo; now the two want dance floors worldwide to be feeling the Dallas club vibe. As SPIN says, “Hit play below and get to twerkin’.”

Purchase Booty Fade here: http://bootyfade.bandcamp.com/album/booty-fade-ep

Listen to Booty Fade here: https://soundcloud.com/bootyfade/sets/booty-fade-ep/

Check out the Red Bull premiere here: http://www.redbull.com/us/en/music/stories/1331637141956/booty-fade-ep-premiere

Track listing for Booty Fade:

1. T.Y.B. ft. Yung Nation
2. Buss It (One Mo ‘Gin)
3. F#$k Like A Stripper
4. It Goes Down
5. Face Down
6. Styrofoam Cup

Booty Fade Background:

Booty Fade, the production duo who took their name from a popular local haircut style, are gaining attention for their hometown of Dallas, Texas with their club music collaboration. The two halves of Booty Fade, PICNICTYME and DJ Sober, are no newcomers to the Dallas rap scene. Separately, the two have worked with A.Dd+, the Cannabinoidsthe PartyPPT, and events like the Big Bang parties. When the duo discovered that they shared an interest in making party music, Sober and Picnic formed Booty Fade as a way for them to step out of their indie rap personas and create something new. The duo take regional styles from all over to craft their dance floor tracks, which quickly grabbed the attention of their city with their first release “F#$k Like a Stripper.” Their debut EP is due out now.

official site | twitter | facebook | youtube

Booty Fade https://soundcloud.com/bootyfade/sets/booty-fade-ep/

“It Goes Down”: https://soundcloud.com/bootyfade/it-goes-down

“Keep the Change”: https://soundcloud.com/bootyfade/keep-the-change

“Gorilla Vs. Bear III Official Mix”: https://soundcloud.com/bootyfade/gorilla-vs-bear-iii-official-mix

“T.Y.B.” Ft. Yung Naton: https://soundcloud.com/bootyfade/t-y-b-ft-yung-nation

“On & On Remix”: https://soundcloud.com/bootyfade/erykah-badu-on-and-on-booty

Bio, pictures and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/booty-fade/