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Taylor Gang and Sauce Factory Emcee Sosamann Announces Sauce The World Project

The Sultan of Sauce Returns With A Heavy Dose of “I Told You So” On Lead Single “See The Hate,” Debuted by HipHopDX


Critical Praise:

“As a music genre, Sauce contains high amounts of mischievousness, and SosaMann’s songs are especially disruptive.” – Noisey

The Song:

An eccentric Texas rapper and Taylor Gang member known for his playful rhymes and outlandish adlibs, Sosamann prepares to sauce up your life with the upcoming Sauce The World. Packed with zonked-out wordplay and impossibly energetic flows, Sauce The World is another formidable dose of splashy Houston music. The follow-up to last year’s Sauce Eskobar, Sauce The World finds the Sauce Factory emcee turning a new leaf as an artist, varying his production and imposing his persona on 13 new tracks. Featuring a lone guest spot from XO, Sosamann steps out on his own, spotlighting his extraordinary personality on Sauce The World.

Brought up on the streets of Houston’s southwest side, Sosamann joined the ranks of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang last year, collecting features from the likes of Slim ThugYoung Dolph, and 21 Savage. A mainstay in his hometown, Sosamann recently interviewed on Sway In the Morning’s Houston broadcast, breaking down the art of spilling sauce and telling stories about recent collaborations. His first album, Sauce Eskobar, released in early 2016, officially introduced the world to Sosamann’s electrifying rapping style, dropping braggadocious lines with a distinctively Southern attitude.

Backed by airy synth stabs, crunchy samples, and trunk-rattling subs, Sosamann skips over the cushy production on “See The Hate,” clowning all who doubted his abilities: “Teacher told me my future wasn’t bright / But I’m having one hell of a life.” Premiered by HipHopDX, “See The Hate” is the first single from Sauce The World and the latest in a string of bangers, including Kasper,” ft. Sauce Walka, Just Do It,” and the 21 Savage-featuring, Nard & B-producedSauce Savage.” 

Sauce The World is coming soon.

Listen to “See The Hate”: https://soundcloud.com/sosamann/see-the-hate

Buy “See The Hate” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ky/album/see-the-hate-single/id1225225299

Check out the HipHopDX premiere: http://www.hiphopdx.com/singles/id.36235/title.dxclusive-sosamann-can-feel-see-the-hate

Please contact Michelle or Isabel for more info.

Sosamann Background

It takes a unique mix of confidence and creativity to break into the music game and find success in it. Talented or not, it’s an industry that everyone isn’t built to enter, a path that everyone isn’t meant to walk upon. Yet for Anthony Denson, better known as Sosamann, stripes earned in the streets have been more than enough preparation. Shaped by the southwest side of Houston, for Sosa survival came by any means necessary, resulting in bars birthed from true stories “I started doing music to get off the streets and pain. I earned it. Music keeps me calm, sane.”

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“See The Hate”: https://itunes.apple.com/ky/album/see-the-hate-single/id1225225299 // https://soundcloud.com/sosamann/see-the-hate