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Video: Sylvan LaCue – “Loner” ft. Linzi Jai

Sylvan LaCue Shares Moving New Video via VIBE, the Second From New Album Far From Familiar


Critical Praise:

XXL Freshman 2015 Nominee

Searching Sylvan Named Most Underrated Album by Huffington Post and HotNewHipHop

2008 winner of Jermaine Dupri’s Tag Records Survival of the Freshest MC Battle Competition

“…Fortune and [Sylvan] LaCue are able to create a project with such a vulnerable focal point sound appealing to the masses.”Pigeons & Planes

The Video:

Sylvan LaCue goes down to the ocean to pray in his new video for “Loner,” featuring Linzi Jai, a highlight from his new album Far From Familiar. As the album’s opening track, “Loner”represents the start of the album’s spiritual journey of self-discovery. Debuted today by VIBE, “Loner” is less a Hip-Hop track than a tribal hymn, with deep-voiced chanting in the South African Zulu male choral singing style popularized by Ladysmith Black Mombazo, as Sylvan and Linzi Jai implore the listener to “open your eyes.”  In their album premiere, The FADER praised “Loner” saying the track, “sounds like the universe is swallowing you up while you watch the stars glisten.” In the beautifully symbolic video, images of Sylvan and his girlfriend flirting on the beach and being in love with each other contrast with images of him in a suit dragging her dead body through a redwood forest. Though it seems macabre, the powerful music transforms the specter of death into a hopeful image of rebirth.

The video is a metaphor for Sylvan LaCue’s yearlong journey of self-discovery that resulted in Far From Familiar. “Essentially the symbolism of the girl dying represents the pain of having to let go of what’s already gone to pursue whatever it is your ambitions are,” explains Sylvan. “The girl herself can represent anything that means something dear to you that no longer exists in your life because of what your goals call for. Me dragging her in the woods represents carrying the burden of not letting go, & me wearing the suit & tie & watch with nice clothing represents success.

Sylvan LaCue uses his tongue-twisting lyricism, impressive musicality and ear-catching melodies to plumb emotional depths and fuel spiritual self-discovery on his new album, Far From Familiar,which premiered earlier this month alongside an interview with The FADER, who called the album “heavily layered, introspective, and totally engrossing.” Far From Familiar is the culmination of an evolutionary journey that has seen the 25-year-old quit partying, abandon his deal with Visionary Music Group, move from California back to his hometown of Miami, fall in love, and reclaim his birth name (he formerly recorded as QuESt). Far From Familiar is as sonically eclectic as it is emotionally revealing. The album finds Sylvan LaCue trying his hand at post-808 & Heartbreaks rap’n’b on “Emeryville,” which recounts the story of Sylvan meeting his love in the titular town. “‘Emeryville’ displays a softer side to Sylvan LaCue,” acknowledged Pigeons & Planes in their premiere. “The sweet melody wrapped around the chorus can’t help but find its way into your heart and mind—each repetition this song only makes it feel that much sweeter.” Last week, he embraced his hometown, the “city of gold teeth and mangos,” in the bombastic-yet-delicate anthem “Back to the City,” which debuted at Okayplayer alongside a revealing interview. Prior to “Back to the City,” LaCue shared the hard-edged, yet spiritual “Heavenly,” which was produced by Fortune and recorded at HotNewHipHop‘s New York City studio, and an operatic visual for “Fall From Grace,” debuted via Mass Appeal. Sylvan LaCue understands that the culmination of one journey is merely the beginning of another one. He offers Far From Familiar as a time capsule, capturing a major evolutionary moment in his life and career.

Watch “Loner” ft. Linzi Jai: https://youtu.be/gCCiiFuMssU

Check out the VIBE premiere: http://www.vibe.com/2016/04/sylvan-lacue-loner-video/

Stream Far From Familiar on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5lEUAPDhuESA6gmlxrzGmT

Buy Far From Familiar on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1099497606

Far From Familiar tracklist:
1) Loner ft. Linzi Jai
2) Cruel World
3) Heavenly
4) Hollywood Identity Crisis (Skit)
5) Fall From Grace
6) The Uber (Skit)
7) Studio City
8) Lit Off Your Love (Interlude)
9) Emeryville
10) Caravan 04
11) Lisa Bonet
12) (farley’s)
13) Back to the City
14) Crosswinds
15) Give Me The World
16) At What Cost

Please contact Michelle or Rory if interested in talking with Sylvan LaCue.

Sylvan La Cue Background

When you think of Miami hip-hop, chances are very high that Rick Ross instantly comes to mind. You don’t realize that there’s a whole new wave of South Florida artists that have been solidifying their place in the game for a while now and don’t sound anything alike. 25-yr old artist Sylvan LaCue, is one of the leaders seeking to carry on tradition by bringing back pride to his city, and a new identity to go with it.

official site | twitter | facebook | soundcloud | instagram | youtube

“Loner” ft. Linzi Jai: https://youtu.be/gCCiiFuMssU

Far From Familiarhttps://soundcloud.com/sylvanlacue/sets/sylvan-lacues-far-from/

“Back to the City” (prod. by Wishlade & Linzi Jai): https://soundcloud.com/sylvanlacue/sylvan-lacue-back-to-the-city-prod-by-wishlade-linzi-jai

“Heavenly” (prod. by Fortune): https://soundcloud.com/hotnewhiphop/sylvan-lacue-heavenly

“Fall From Grace”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wp7HYGotz8Y // https://soundcloud.com/sylvanlacue/fall-from-grace-prod-by-linzi-jai

“Emeryville”: https://soundcloud.com/sylvanlacue/emeryville-prod-by-linzi-jai

E V A N G E L I N E EP: https://soundcloud.com/sylvanlacue/sets/sylvan-lacue-x-fortune/

“Caravan 04”: https://soundcloud.com/sylvanlacue/caravan-04-feat-linzi-jai-prodby-fortune

Searching Sylvan: https://soundcloud.com/sylvanlacue/sets/quest-presents-searching-sylvan-album