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Video: Figg Panamera – “Hand In Da Pot”

Passion of the Weiss Premieres the Fillmoelanta OG’s Latest Video from Cali Boy Down South


Critical Praise for Figg Panamera:

“[Figg] has a knack for crafting catchy hooks without diving into the superficial territory occupied by so much radio rap.” – SFWeekly

“One cannot deny this San Francisco area rapper’s talent with a mic.”AllMusic

“Figg has grown into a rare well-rounded rap artist.”RapReviews

The Video:

Known for his business acumen and rapping prowess from the Bay to the A, Figg Panamera, formerly known as JT The Bigga Figga. is a bonafide hustler. Spitting over peaceful piano chimes that add an air of majesty to the hard hitting trap beat, Figg cooking up a recipe for success in “Hand In Da Pot.” Surrounded by a raging bonfire and death-defying flame dancers, Figg mixes up the concoction that keeps his illicit operation in the black. Premiered alongside a detailed interview by Passion of the Weiss, “Hand In Da Pot” is the opening track from Figg’s latest album Cali Boy Down South. Released this past June, “Hand In The Pot” is the latest video to spring from the project, following Phone Ringing featuring Kevin Gates and the FADER-premiered Money Talk,” which features 21 Savage.

“You gotta keep business brewing for yourself,” explains Figg. “Keep your hand in your own ‘pot,’ cause you can’t always rely on other people. I gotta be aware, create situations you can control. This is my pot right here, that I worked for and I can control. This is not your pot.”

Born in the Fillmore district of San Francisco, JT The Bigga Figga started Get Low Recordz in 1991, gathering some of the most talented emcees and producers in the Bay Area and releasing over 20 albums per year in the ’90s. In 1993, JT dropped “Game Recognize Game,” one of the first hyphy hits. After producing and rhyming on hundreds of tracks in the Bay Area and elsewhere, with his production appearing on albums by the likes of The Game and Master P, JT relocated to Atlanta in the late ’00s, founding the label Fillmoelanta and changing his name to Figg Panamera. In Atlanta, Figg leant his experience and wisdom to artists and producers in the city’s bustling Hip-Hop scene, mentoring Zaytoven and working with artists like Young Thug and Young Scooter. With Cali Boy Down South, Figg reasserts his influence in the Bay and Atlanta scenes and creates an addictive, brilliantly produced trap album.

Watch “Hand In Da Pot”: https://youtu.be/N6LhfnnBR8E

Check out the Passion of the Weiss premiere: http://www.passionweiss.com/2017/08/15/figg-panamera-interview/

Listen to Cali Boy Down Southhttps://soundcloud.com/figgpanamera/sets/cali-boy-down-south

Buy Cali Boy Down SouthEmpire.lnk.to/CaliBoyDownSouth

Cali Boy Down South Tracklist:

  1. Hand in da Pot (prod by Cassius Jay)
  2. Bon Appetit (feat. Loso Loaded and Lotto Savage) (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  3. The Ups (prod by Zaytoven and Cassius Jay)
  4. Do What You Want (feat. Killa Twan) (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  5.  Riding Round wit Racks (prod by Zaytoven and Cassius Jay)
  6. Black Car (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  7. Money Talk (feat. 21 Savage) (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  8. Phone Ringing (feat. Kevin Gates) (prod. K-Rabb)
  9.  Extra Grams (prod. by Cassius Jay)
  10. Coming For Me (prod. by Yoksta)

Please contact Michelle or Isabel for more info.

Figg Panamera Background:

“Drugs and stealing aren’t as exciting as becoming a business owner,” explains Figg Panamera (FKA JT the Bigga Figga.) As a rapper, producer, CEO, philanthropist, and serial entrepreneur, Figg is the epitome of a Fillmore hustler; he’s done it all and done it independently.

Born in the storied Fillmore district of San Francisco, Figg learned how to rap from his mother. As he was being sent to jail at the age of 16, he promised his mother he’d become a successful rapper upon release. He made good on that promise…and then some. Fueled by frustration from being ignored by major labels, he founded Get Low Recordz, which quickly became a mainstay in the Bay Area Street/MOB Music scene. Figg’s second album on Get Low had the hit single “Game Recognize Game,” which became a bonafide anthem for the Bay Area and a catchphrase for the culture at large. In the early 1990s, he built a studio, signed a distribution deal with Priority Distribution, and Get Low released over 20 studio albums their second year. During this time, he produced music for over 100 albums, working with everyone from Master P to Game, along with Bay Area street heroes such as San Quinn and Messy Marv.

Having conquered his native soil, Figg moved to Atlanta in 2010 at the urging of Zaytoven, to whom he taught production, and founded his second label, Fillmoelanta. In 2012, Figg founded Mandatory Business Magazine giving Future, YG, Sonny Digital, and many others their first cover stories. In 2012 he began working with Young Scooter and Kevin Gates, helping them with their sound and production. In 2013, Figg started working with the homeless, feeding and housing them, and gave them jobs such as holding promo signs for Jeezy on busy Atlanta intersections. In 2015 Figg created Trapflix, “the trap version of Netflix,” an app that streams trap movies, documentaries, and concert footage. In 2016, Figg traveled to China to manufacture his own smartphone, preloaded with 6 Trapflix movies and to manufacture light-up sneakers called Trap Kicks and TrapForce1 that he sold in his neighborhood. In early 2017, Figg traveled to Birkina Foso in Africa to capitalize on the booming mobile business but upon seeing their living conditions, switched up his focus to build FillmoeAfrica Business School, water wells, and bathroom, upon 5 acres of land. In March 2017, two days after the birth of his child, Figg was the victim of a botched robbery while feeding the homeless. Dragging himself into a bulletproof car, Figg managed to survive and was hospitalized for a month, only to be released last week. Fully healed and tapping into his Fillmore hustler roots again, Figg is ready to take his honed business instincts back to the rap game, and is poised to release his first full album as Figg Panamera.


twitter | instagram | youtube | soundcloud | spotify

“Hand In Da Pot”: https://youtu.be/N6LhfnnBR8E

“Phone Ringing” ft. Kevin Gates: https://soundcloud.com/figgpanamera/phone-ringing-feat-kevin-gates // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Texc_a_FnyY&feature=youtu.be

“Money Talk”: https://youtu.be/1DQFIahVohw

Cali Boy Down South: Empire.lnk.to/CaliBoyDownSouth // https://soundcloud.com/figgpanamera/sets/cali-boy-down-south

“Money Talk” ft. 21 Savage: https://soundcloud.com/figgpanamera/money-talk-feat-21-savage // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DQFIahVohw

“Pocket Watchin” ft. Migos: https://youtu.be/qTN26W7ZFEM

“Cash Talk” ft. Young Thug & Offset: https://youtu.be/NngE0s3ycak

“Know I Can Change”: https://youtu.be/1xdSHHmUl3E

Bio, pics, and more here: http://www.audibletreats.com/figg-panamera/