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An ultra-talented everyman, Ajey won a large social following on Instagram and a devoted fanbase on SoundCloud because of his emotional honesty–fans see reflections of themselves in his songs and respond to his nakedly raw lyrics. Born in the Bronx, Ajey and his twin brother were raised by a foster family, who moved the boys to Brooklyn and provided a path for Ajey to go to college. Over the past year, the 22-year-old rapper has developed a devoted following on Instagram, where he has over 112,000 followers. With his relatable bars and his infectious hooks, Ajey is primed to take over the rap game from the ground up, building a career atop social engagement and grassroots enthusiasm. Ajey’s tuneful, raw debut, Met Her Off The Gram, is available now.

Press Releases

🏀🏀 Melodic Savant Ajey Balls in the Big Apple in “Fuck My Ex” 🗽🗽
Melodic Rapper Ajey Shares Met Her Off the Gram, His Tuneful, Emotionally Raw Debut Album
Rising Rapper/Singer Ajey is an Emotionally Raw Melodic Savant

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