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With edgy content and a unique rap style, Full |REBEL| Jacket is primed for the success they have long deserved. This underground Phoenix group has pioneered a sound they’ve coined as “Southern Sophisticated.” Full |REBEL| Jacket is bringing a fresh perspective through their lyrics while the group’s originality vibrates by means of their cultured beat selection and region defying styles. Their debut album The REBEL EP exemplifies the sound they seek to give fans and it shows the versatility of southern bred, west coast residing artists. Expect Full |REBEL| Jacket to soon be amongst raps elite.
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Like Big Boi and André 3000, Pimp C and Bun B, Full |REBEL| Jacket is proof that when it comes to hip-hop, opposites attract.

“We’re pretty much completely different as far as our personalities go,” reveals Q, one half of the Phoenix, Ariz., duo that’s set to break out of the southwestern region. “I don’t do what he does, and he doesn’t do what I do. It ends up working out perfectly.”

Formed in 2009 after a parking lot freestyle revealed that the two rappers had a chemistry that immediately evoked memories of UGK, the duo of G, a Dallas, Texas native and rhyme partner Q, an Alaskan transplant, released their first two mixtapes under the name American Negro before reconfiguring themselves as Full |REBEL| Jacket during the making of their 2010 Loose Leaf series, a weekly installment of recorded freestyles the two compiled into a release.

“We wanted something that sounded more like an indie band, something that didn’t do as much to describe the music we make. Rap names often tell you what the music’s going to be like. We wanted to be more obscure.” G explained.

Packed with a moniker that fit the duo’s mysterious aesthetic and inventive voice, Full |REBEL| Jacket began work on this year’s the Rebel EP, the first project to find G and Q contributing their own beats and instrumentation to each track.

“We were going to make a mixtape called The Yellow Mixtape,” G remembers. “That was going to be the first one where we’d have a producer come in and craft original beats. When that started to fall through, we decided to take matters into our own hands and start making our own beats.”

While attending BET’s Music Matter’s show in Phoenix, the duo was introduced to local producer Anthony “Ant” Gallagher, through a mutual friend. “We chopped it up for a bit at the show and told dude to come through to the apartment that next Friday.” G explained. Ant arrived with his keyboard and a drive to create. “He is nice on the keys and I was focusing on the drums and arrangements.” G said. Before long, they’d gone from wordsmiths to producers, rappers capable of tracking a beat that bites as hard as their reality based lyrics.

“We started working on it constantly,” G recalls. “Every day, just working on beats, working, working, working. When we finally got to the point where we could actually create a sound, we decided to make start laying down the album.

The result: Full |REBEL| Jacket’s most concise and powerful project yet, a debut EP that burns with the same heat as Outkast’s ATLiens and pops like Kanye West’s College Dropout. Stretched over 10 tracks that traverse between dirty southern soul (“Monte Carlo”), chopped-and-screwed (“Bacon”), and downright jazz (“Higher”), the album does as much to display Full |REBEL| Jacket’s musical proficiency as it showcases the two rappers’ smooth, conceptualized narratives, while also including features from the likes of B.J. The Chicago Kid, Nikkiya, Chalie Boy, Dungeon Family legend Big Rube, and more.

“Nobody can put it out there the way that we can,” Q boasts. “It’s totally original and 100% our vision. The hours and hours doing beats along with creating concepts for them creates a different connection. Your soul is on the record. We’re doing the same thing with the videos too. We have 100% creative control; we create the concepts, compose the instrumentation, write and record the lyrics as well as create the visuals. There may be other people out there doing it like that, but I don’t know who they are.”


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