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News: You’ve Heard His Music All Year, Producer Tommy Brown is Grammy Nominated

The Pittsburgh-Bred, L.A.-Based Producer Receives Grammy Nominations For Production Credits On Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Urban Contemporary Album



The News:

Whether you know it or now, it’s likely that you’ve been hearing Tommy Brown‘s music throughout 2014. The Steel City-bred, L.A.-based producer has had a wildly successful year and will be rewarded for his accomplishments in the form of two Grammy nominations at this year’s awards. Tommy Brown produced Chris Brown‘s Jhene Aiko-assisted hit “Drunk Texting,” from his latest album, X, which has been nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album. His second nomination is for his production credits on Ariana Grande‘s My Everything, which debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and is nominated for the Best Pop Vocal Album. The album features four cuts produced by the acclaimed producer himself including the title track, “My Everything,” along with “Intro,” “Cadillac Song,” and “Only 1.”

Tommy Brown also produced two exceptional tracks on T.I.‘s new album, Paperwork. Brown worked the album’s first single “Stay,” featuring singer/songwriter Victoria Monet, with whom he has partnered with to begin developing artists and songwriters under their VieTom imprint – all just part of Brown’s master plan to set the new standard. “I see the business model. I don’t know if that’s going to be around too much longer,” he says. “I want to make it easier to push artists through technology as opposed to just labels and radio-and try to make artists feel good.” In addition to “Stay,” Tommy Brown produced T.I.’s critically-acclaimed “New National Anthem,” which features platinum recording artist Skylar Grey. “New National Anthem” was released in the wake of Michael Brown’s murder and lyrically addresses police brutality, racism, and guns in the United States. Described as “powerful” by Time Magazine and “revolutionary” by MTV, the track has established itself as an anthem for political injustices. Recently, Brown sat down with XXL to discuss his projects and the story behind his limited self promotion, stating that “There was never a ‘Quincy Jones on the beat,'” in reference to producers tagging their work.

Read the XXL article: http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2014/10/tommy-brown-producer-t-i-production-credit/

See the full list of 2015 Grammy nominees: http://www.complex.com/music/2014/12/2015-grammy-nominees-list

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Tommy Brown Background:

Tommy Brown wants to rewrite the music industry rulebook. The super producer, who has supplied marquee artists like Ariana Grande, T.I. and Chris Brown with boundary-shifting tracks, spent the past few years surveying the scene and witnessed how difficult it can be for up-and-comers to connect with more notable writers and producers. His solution: create the Facebook of the music community, where newer musicians can pay various price points and access exclusive instrumentals and get their music heard by a wider audience. In 2012, he signed with BMI, which in turn led to an independent production deal with Sony ATV. Since then, he’s become one of the hottest producers across genres, helming T.I.’s “New National Anthem,” G.O.O.D. Music’s “Sin City,” and four songs on Grande’s chart-topping sophomore album My Everything.

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