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Album: Rey Res – Heart of the City

With Features From Hiero’s Casual & Pep Love, and Zion I’s Zumbi, the Recent San Jose Metro Cover Story Feature Delivers His Most Anticipated Album to Date via Okayplayer



The Album:

Whether it’s the singles, videos, mixtape, or interviews, Rey Res aka Rey Resurreccion has worked harder, rapped better, and built perhaps the strongest foundation for any of his releases. Finally, after a year of preparation, Okayplayer premieres the San Jose rapper’s long awaited album, Heart of the City. In his cover story with the San Jose Metro Newspaper, Rey Res stated, “What I really wanted to do with this album is ignore the hype and what’s hot and fully be creative.” In addition to talking about his musical background, Rey Res discussed his work teaching chess classes, where his students call him “Chessmaster Rey.”

Similar to playing chess, Rey Res applies a methodical approach to his music. Heart of the City is a coming-of-age story. The album opens with the celebratory “Prelude,” with Rey Res rapping over a sample of The Muse’s cover of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good.” After flexing his bars on “Prelude,” Rey Res switches the vibe and showcases his storytelling ability as he recounts the hardships his parents faced emigrating from The Philippines to the US on “The Story.” At his core he stays true to his West Coast roots, with Okayplayer stating, “Rey Res makes his regal presence felt across the project, which plays like an homage to Cali’s celebrated G-Funk era.” One example of that is the single “Let It Bang,” but this doesn’t stop him from flexing his versitility, as on the soulful track The World Rey Res details how his “good was never good enough,” and the troubles that can arise when you chase a dream that your family doesn’t approve of.

Besides enlisting Hiero’s Pep Love & Casual and Zumbi from Zion I for features, Rey Res holds down the album by himself. It’s a bold move that ultimately pays off. Whether he’s trading bars with OG’s on“Ode to the Rap Gods” or rapping over a laid back beat on Duck Down,” Rey Res never strays from sharing his relatable story and wisdom with listeners. With Heart of the City, Rey Res created an album that proves his music isn’t only for San Jose, but for the world.

Listen to Heart of the Cityhttps://soundcloud.com/reyresmusic/sets/heart-of-the-city-official

Check out the Okayplayer premiere: http://www.okayplayer.com/news/rey-res-heart-of-the-city-lp-stream.html

Purchase the album: www.reyres.com

Please contact Michelle or Rory if interested in talking with Rey Res.

The Background:

California rapper/producer Rey Resurreccion comes with a smooth laid back style over a combination of original compositions, nostalgic samples, and heavy drums and synths. Rey Res has been on the move lately, making a lot of noise in the States and beyond. Paying homage to the old classic golden era sound, while moving forward with a new twist, he dubs his sound “Old Rust New Bang”. While simultaneously strengthening his internet buzz, Rey Resurreccion has recently toured with the Hieroglyphics crew on the Hiero Imperium 2012 Summer tour, and Los Angeles recording artist Bambu on the Rent Money Tour, Fall 2012. Rey has also independently released projects in conjunction with The Bangerz (JBWKZ Records), Nima FadaviCukui Clothing, Breezy Excursion Clothing & Clout Graffiti Magazine.

official site | twitter | facebook | instagram | soundcloud

Heart of the City: https://soundcloud.com/reyresmusic/sets/heart-of-the-city-official

The Mixtape Before the Album:  https://soundcloud.com/reyresmusic/sets/the-mixtape-before-the-album

“Duck Down”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDsxkm-yhD4

“Duck Down”: https://soundcloud.com/reyresmusic/duck-down

“Heart Of The City” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U2AkOb7sJg

“Heart Of The City”: https://soundcloud.com/reyresmusic/rey-resurreccion-heart-of-the-city-b-side-track

“Let it Bang” video: http://youtu.be/kRRmn2Hv2ao

Buy “Let it Bang” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-it-bang/id895341241?i=895341244

Bio, photos, and streams available here: http://www.audibletreats.com/rey-resurreccion/