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Video: YungManny – “Hop Out”

The Fast-Rising Maryland Rappers Terrorize Their Neighborhood in a Raucous New Video for a Confused Highlight Track

Critical Praise:

“YungManny Is the Trash-Talking Teen Taking the DMV by Storm…For me, YungManny’s appeal isn’t pegged to a single song or mixtape; instead, it’s the humorous puns and clever threats spread throughout his growing catalog that grab me. Behind all of the theatrics and charisma is a rapper helping to make the current DMV wave more accessible to the masses. Because if hip-hop loves anything, it’s teens like YungManny talking their shit.” – Pitchfork

“YungManny is the master of clean rap chaos” – The FADER

“Ever catch a rap show that feels so vivid, so brilliant, so dazzlingly present, it seems wrong to talk about it in the past tense?” – The Washington Post

The Video:

16-year-old rapper YungManny is taking over the Mid-Atlantic with his irrepressible energy and unconventional flow. Teaming up with his cousin and frequent collaborator Xanman, Manny shares the video for Hop Out.” Produced by Sparkheem, “Hop Out” finds the two irreverent teenagers trading bars atop woozy piano and thumping 808, unleashing rapidfire with barely any room to breathe: “Hop out, we finna slide with the mops out/He’s not in school, he might drop out/At least he gon’ slide with that Glock out,” rhymes Manny on the hook. Directed by WHIPALO, the man responsible for many of Manny’s best visual, “Hop Out” is supremely goofy, following Xan and Manny as they bumble their way through an attempt to hide a dead body (the unfortunate individual slipped on a banana peel) in the suburbs. The video shows off the duo’s infectious chemistry, as they dance and rhyme in front of their custom-painted Mustang. “Hop Out” is a highlight track from Confused, YungManny’s recent EP.

Alternating between hard-hitting street joints and melodic rap jams, the new project finds the DMV native working his way out of “creative confusion” by testing the limits of his considerable skills, reveling in his own clever punchlines and taffy-like vocal runs. The EP features buzzing singles like the FADER-premiered Blessings In Disguise, the buoyant Margiela, and  Moana Pt. 2,” the manic sequel to “Moana,” Manny’s biggest hit. Featuring video singles like XD” (200k views), “Margiela” (477k views), The Road (300k views), and “Blessings In Disguise” (380k views), Confused EP is available to stream on all platforms.

Watch “Hop Out” ft. Xanman: https://YungManny.lnk.to/HopOutVideo

Buy/Stream Confused EP: https://YungManny.lnk.to/ConfusedPR

Confused EP tracklist:
1. Moana Pt. 2
2. The Road
3. Hop Out (ft. Xanman)
4. Imani
5. XD
6. Beck & Joe
7. 380 ft. Shabazz PBG
8. Blessings In Disguise
9. Margiela
10. Where’s Your Love
11. KSubi

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“Hop Out” ft. Xanman: https://YungManny.lnk.to/HopOutVideo

“The Road”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ3UhRt8IF8

“XD”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb0MwgoDPKc

Confused EP: https://YungManny.lnk.to/ConfusedPR

“Moana Pt. 2”: https://yungmanny.lnk.to/MoanaPt2PR

“Blessings In Disguise”: https://yungmanny.lnk.to/Blessings

“Margiela”: https://YungManny.lnk.to/MargielaPR

“All My Guys Are Ballers”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOV5ya7E1us

“Moana”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ad1OlwHJVAM