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Video: League Of Extraordinary Gz – “Intercourse” Ft. Slim Gravy Of A.Dd+

Texas Rap Collective LOEGz Premiere Video For Song From Their New Album


Critical Praise for League Of Extraordinary Gz:

“The eight members of the group were a high-energy bunch, rapping with distinctive Texas twang and pogo dancing nonstop.” – The New York Times

“A goddamn typhoon onstage.” – Houston Press

Eight immensely capable lyricists, all of whom bring a unique perspective, voice, and level of vigor to the stage” – Austin Chronicle cover story

“…what promises to be a defining group in Texas rap history: The League of Extraordinary Gz.”- DJ Booth

The Video:

Before the release of their debut album, #LeagueShit, The League of Extraordinary Gz dropped the track “Intercourse,” featuring Slim Gravy of A.Dd+. Now the Austin rap collective is releasing a video for the song, which Dowrong of the League described as, “Just letting females know that I ain’t trying be in a relationship. I’m just trying to fuck.” The video is directed by Jordan Haro, who also got his start in Austin, Texas.  The League’s Reggie Coby explains that they knew they wanted a video for “Intercourse” to be one of their first but it was Jordan Haro that initially reached out to them about joining forces in Texas.

Filmed in Austin, the video, premiered today by Prefix Mag, starts with a candy red slab full of girls pulling up to a drive thru window over the song’s intro, “Is there a shorter word for Intercourse?” only to find Slim Gravy working at the window where he takes it away with his opening verse. “With this video we really didn’t want to go with a cliche treatment that we could have easily done,” says Reggie.  “With our original treatment we had this key shot we continued to focus on which we felt was the center of the video. It was the part with Slim getting pulled through the drive thru window. It took us minute to even find a location with a drive thru that would allow us to shoot. But it worked out and Jordan made sure the execution of that scene happened.”

The track can be found on #LeagueShit, which features appearances by Dead Prez, Grupo Fantasma and more. #LeagueShit is available for streaming on DJ Booth and for purchase on iTunes.

Watch the video for “Intercourse” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmlTalxye2Y

Check out the Prefix Mag premiere: http://www.prefixmag.com/news/prefix-premiere-league-of-extraordinary-gz-interco/75638/

Preview and purchase on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/leagueshit/id708663564

Check out the album stream via DJ Booth: http://www.djbooth.net/index/albums/review/loegz-leagueshit


Please contact Michelle or Dan if interested in talking with League Of Extraordinary Gz.

League Of Extraordinary Gz Background:

When Austin, Texas, reality rap collective League of Extraordinary Gz recorded “We Gone Make It” in spring 2010, Octavis “Esbe Da 6th Street Bully” Berry stepped in the recording booth and yelled two words: “League Shit!”. Three years later, it has become an emphatic anthem, brand and title. The Bully’s vision formed in 2009 when his choice of eight members and three groups with their own budding local buzz – Dred Skott, Da COD and Southbound – sat in a driveway plotting a collaborative mixtape. In 2010 they debuted locally, played the South by Southwest Music Festival and Fun Fun Fun Fest and were featured on MTV Jams’ Texas All-Star Edition. In 2011 they rocked over 60 shows, including a West Coast tour with Jackie Chain for their Concealed Weapons 3 mixtape, and a national tour with Dead Prez. Then, in October 2011, The Bully passed away suddenly due to a pulmonary embolism. As 2011 ended, the LOEGz were named one of Sonicbids’ Top 5 Hip Hop acts. They released The Plug EP in December. All of this came from a collective effort by three groups in three years via the foresight of a now-absent leader. All anticipation, questions or doubt after a few spins of The Plug EP will be quenched with their debut album #LeagueShit. Clearly rooted in traditional Hip Hop, #LeagueShit includes stout musicality and wildly free speech featuring Dead Prez, Bavu Blakes, Grupo Fantasma, and Slim Gravy of A.Dd+.

official site | twitter | facebook | soundcloud | bandcamp

“Intercourse”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmlTalxye2Y

“Grind” (Prod. By Statik Selektah): https://soundcloud.com/theloegz/grind-prod-by-statik-selektah/

“Still Bigger” Ft. Dead Prez: https://soundcloud.com/theloegz/still-bigger-feat-dead-prez/

“Maybe She’s Right”: https://soundcloud.com/theloegz/maybe-shes-right

“Intercourse”: https://soundcloud.com/theloegz/intercourse-featuring-slim/

“4$ Blues”: https://soundcloud.com/theloegz/4-blues/s-jNFfq

“Attitude”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXnLbnYZKgc

“APD”: https://soundcloud.com/theloegz/a-p-d