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Album: Markis Precise – The Feeling of Flying

Premiered Via RESPECT Mag, the California Producer Brings Together A Plethora of Talent For His Latest Release The Feeling of Flying


The Album:

Fresno, CA producer Markis Precise is set for the release of his latest album, The Feeling of Flying, a soulful record that features some of the best underground lyricists in the game. In the premiere, RESPECT Mag writes the album is an, “exploration of lyricism, sound, and vivid storytelling that returns Hip-Hop to an organic state, blending new wave content with the idealogical foundation on which Hip-Hop was built.” The Feeling of Flying embodies Mark’s prolific 15-year career, following his days navigating the West Coast underground. In addition to Brother Ali, Fashawn, and Elzhi, the project features Oddisee, Ras Kass, Zion I, Chuuwee, Gift of Gab, The Grouch, Eligh, Sol, and Strong Arm Steady. On the second single and title track, which released in June, he teamed up with Rhymesayers MC Brother Ali. This followed the project’s first single, “Kiss the Ring,” which boasted verses from Fashawn and Elzhi.

With the release of The Feeling of Flying, Markis manifests a vision and purpose he has been working on since the early 2000’s. Early in Mark’s career he started making beats, sampling tracks, and selling music out of the trunk of his car. Through his work, the producer helped create Central Cali’s independent rap scene using his unique melodic keyboard and chopped boom-bap production styles. Mark’s last release prior to The Feeling of Flying was the 12 track album Impressions.

Listen to the Album The Feeling of Flying: https://soundcloud.com/ineffable-music/sets/markis-precise-the-feeling-of-flying

Check out the RESPECT premiere: http://respect-mag.com/2015/07/premier-markis-precise-the-feeling-of-flying/


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Markis Precise Background:

Fresno, California native Markis Precise is in a truly rare position. Entering his debut solo album, The Feeling Of Flying (TK), Mark is also a decorated veteran. In the 15 years between the breakthrough release featuring Brother Ali, Fashawn, Ras Kass, Zion I, Oddisee, and others, the producer and musician honed his style, and fulfilled a lifelong passion. Identifying a plethora of his own personal favorite MCs, the Sacramento-based musician cold-called his collaborators. The Feeling Of Flying contains accents, adjustments, and highlights around each MC’s concept, adding to the true collaborative process in the digital age. Do-it-yourself for Mark, has evolved to do-it-ourselves. With his 13-track album, the producer aims to continue his journey through music. Returning to one of his dreams, the producer is not driven by fortune or fame, but rather to reach listeners, the way he was reached—by music. Cohesive, thematic, and evocative, The Feeling Of Flying soars above the expectations of a compilation work. However, for Markis Precise, the moment manifests a vision and purpose he has been elevating for 15 years.

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Listen to the Album The Feeling of Flying: https://soundcloud.com/ineffable-music/sets/markis-precise-the-feeling-of-flying

“The Feeling of Flying”: https://soundcloud.com/ineffable-music/markis-precise-the-feeling-of-flying-feat-brother-ali

“Kiss the Ring”: https://soundcloud.com/empire/markis-precise-kiss-the-ringfeat-elzhi-fashawn