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Video: Taylor Gang – “For More”

Wiz Khalifa and The Gang Rep Their Crew and Celebrate the Come Up in the Surreal, FADER-Premiered Visual


The Video:

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress,” reads the Frederick Douglass quote in the opening frame of “For More,” the new FADER-premiered visual from Taylor Gang. Surrounded by a desert wasteland, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Raven Felix, and Tuki Carter tower over the ruins, musing on their pasts. Whether the close-knit crew looks down their well-trodden path or towards their bright future, they always live by one creed: having each other’s back no matter what.

Backed by the staggering momentum of their 2016 successes, Taylor Gang Entertainment is busting down 2017’s doors like an avalanche of swagger. Back in October, the Wiz Khalifa co-founded crew celebrated a major label deal with Atlantic Records by releasing TGOD Vol. 1, a triumphant mixtape showcasing the skills of the label’s veterans and budding talent. Featuring appearances from every artist on the TGOD roster, plus guest spots from Project Pat, Casey Veggies, Sauce Walka, and Ca$h Out, with production from Sledgren, TM-88, I.D. Labs, 808 Mafia, Scoop Deville, Ricky P, and others, TGOD Vol. 1 cements Taylor Gang’s position as one of the strongest rap collectives today.

Taylor Gang boasts an all-star roster of talented and popular artists, including Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Berner, Chevy Woods, Raven Felix, J.R. Donato, Tuki Carter and Sosamann. Inspiring intense loyalty in its legion of devoted fans, Taylor Gang artists have earned more than 6 billion plays on YouTube and over 6 billion streams on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Stay tuned for more projects this year from the Taylor Gang artists.

“For More”: https://youtu.be/_jtQtUuvyYg // https://soundcloud.com/taylorgang/06-for-more-rev-1

Check out the FADER premiere: http://www.thefader.com/2017/03/15/wiz-khalifa-ty-dolla-sing-raven-felix-for-more-video-premiere-taylor-gang

Buy TGOD Vol. 1http://smarturl.it/TGODVol1

TGOD Vol 1. Track Listing:

1. All Winter – J.R. Dontato (prod. by Greedy Money)
2. Brand New – Ty Dolla $ign & Wiz Khalifa (prod. by ISM & Geoffro)
3. Can’t Wait – Wiz Khalifa feat. Alpac (prod. by ID Labs, Nice Rec & Jay Card)
4. Come Through – Juicy J (prod. by TM88)
5. For More – Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Raven Felix & Tuki Carter (prod. by Purps, Mr. Kooman & ID Labs)
6. Freaky Before – Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Cash Out & Project Pat (prod. by Ricky P & Anthony M)
7. Gang Gang – Chevy Woods & Wiz Khalifa feat. Casey Veggies (prod. by ID Labs & Jay Card)
8. History – Chevy Woods feat. Devin Cruise (prod. by Devin Cruise)
9. Party Pass Out – Wiz Khalifa & J.R. Donato (prod. by Purps of 808 Mafia)
10. Play Fair – Wiz Khalifa (Prod by ID Labs & Shod Beats)
11. Take It There – Ty Dolla $ign & Wiz Khalifa (prod. by Sledgren & Cookin Soul)
12. Without You – Wiz Khalifa feat. Suzanne Sheer (prod. by ID Labs, Nice Rec, Jay Card & Ricky P)
13. Trap Phone – Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods feat. Blunt Smoker (prod. by ID Labs, Ricky P & Frank Dukes)
14. On Ten – Ricky P (prod. by Ricky P & Pharomazan)
15. Good Man – Raven Felix (prod. by Tekneek & Music Scientist)
16. She Wanna Have – KH (prod. by Ricky P & Pharomazan
17. Bombay and Lemonade – Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods & Juicy J (prod. by ID Labs & Ritz)

Please contact Michelle or Dharmic for more info.

Taylor Gang Background

Conceptualized in 2006 and founded in 2011 by award winning rapper Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Gang Ent. has become a hip hop mainstay. The record label and management company is home to a growing number of talented artists, producers, entrepreneurs, and entertainers such as Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Chevy Woods, Berner, Tuki Carter, Raven Felix, J.R. Donato, Ricky P, Sledgren, TM88, KH of Scrill, Sosamann, and Cozmo. With a family of artists and fans combined, Taylor Gang pulls in the support and promotion of an army. Thanks to a unrelenting desire to tour and create the best shows possible, Taylor gang has amassed an active and authentic following. Through this network, brands are given the rare opportunity to reach both the individual fan bases of those within Taylor Gang as well as the die hard fans of all things Taylor. Promoting peace, individuality and positivity, Taylor Gang is as much a lifestyle as it is a crew.

official site | twitter | facebook | instagram

“For More”: https://youtu.be/_jtQtUuvyYg // https://soundcloud.com/taylorgang/06-for-more-rev-1

TGOD Vol. 1: http://smarturl.it/TGODVol1 // tgodvol1.com

Ty Dolla $ign – “$”: https://youtu.be/Q10AqolSgQg

Tuki Carter – “Get High (Freestyle)”: https://youtu.be/N_pfyXNcjj0

Berner & B-Real – “FTB”: https://youtu.be/vuiX0PqX45U 

J.R. Donato – “All Winter”: https://youtu.be/1_Kr62S4nFc

KH – “She Wanna Have”: https://youtu.be/ZayKOiUadcQ

Wiz Khalifa – “DayToday: Gang Gang: Ep. 2 Always Litty”: https://youtu.be/Al-UNabxaz8

TGOD Vol. 1tgodvol1.com