Video: Tasha The Amazon – “Helluva Ride”

The JUNO Award-Nominated Toronto Artist Shares Another Devilishly Stylish Video Off Her Black Moon Project, Coming November 12th

Critical Praise for Tasha The Amazon:

JUNO Award Nominee for Rap Recording of the Year, 2017

MuchMusic Video Award Winner for Best Hip-Hop Video, 2017 (“Picasso Leaning”)

“Toronto’s Tasha The Amazon is a Rising Star” – Pigeons & Planes

“The perfect soundtrack for a molly-fueled bacchanal at the end of the world.” – The Cut (New York Magazine)

The Video:

Tasha The Amazon burst onto the Toronto music scene with her brand of hard-hitting warehouse rap, a soundtrack from the renegade bashment parties where she started. Bringing that same energy into her new video, Tasha shares Helluva Ride.” Produced by Tasha’s frequent production partner Danny Thrax, “Helluva Ride” opens with haunted arpeggios before evolving into a bass-heavy banger, as Tasha revels in her rockstar lifestyle: “My gold tooth is your whole pay slip/Your vacation’s just my day trip/Damn, your face look so vexacious/I don’t give f*cks and you can’t say sh*t.” Filmed in an abandoned police station, the video finds the German-Jamaican artist channeling the late Keith Flint in The Prodigy‘s iconic videos for “Firestarter” and “Breathe,” rocking colored contacts and a devilish hairdo as she stalks the premises like a hunting lioness. Working again with director Colin G. Cooper, who helped Tasha earn her first iHeartRadio Much Music Video Award, Tasha’s latest video for “Helluva Ride” follows the pastoral clip for “Not The Same”, released in October. Both tracks will appear on Black MoonTasha’s upcoming album.

“Keith Flint has lowkey been a constant inspiration to me since I was a little kid and his death made me think a lot about the dark side of success, the side people don’t get to see,” says Tasha The Amazon. “It’s a theme that comes into a lot of my songs actually, because it’s everywhere… it’s all around us in entertainment. Even though ‘Helluva Ride’ is a banger and a track to wile out to, this is what the song is really about. So it felt right to bring the spirit of Keith into these visuals and pay homage to him in a way that felt real for me.”

“The concept for this video was born in the wake of Keith Flint’s death,” says “Helluva Ride” director Colin G. Cooper. “Through the course of our creative relationship, Tasha and I have often bonded over a mutual admiration for The Prodigy and, in particular, the aesthetic and energy of their music videos from The Fat Of The Land era. It made perfect sense to pay tribute. We knew ‘Helluva Ride’ was the right song for it, and we did our best to emulate that same aesthetic and energy while adding our own particular interpretations and updates.”

The proper follow-up to her JUNO Award-nominated EP Die Another DayBlack Moon finds Tasha spreading her wings beyond the warehouse rap that dominated her early work, applying her signature ferocity to a breadth of musical styles. In addition to “Not The Same,” Black Moon is home to recent singles like the brilliant kiss-off track That Ain’t You, which released with an afro-futuristic, NYLON-premiered video, and Can’t Remember,” premiered by HipHopDX. Created and conceptualized by Bass & Bakery (Tasha The Amazon & Danny Thrax), Black Moon releases on November 12th.

Watch “Helluva Ride”: https://youtu.be/SGMBX2nZW0E

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The Background:

Tasha the Amazon is an artist, producer, and all-around bad gyal. Fiery and unconventional, she shifts lyrical ground effortlessly from partying to psychonautics; audacity to reflection.

The German-Jamaican powerhouse planted roots in the Toronto rap scene with her first solo mixtape, the critically acclaimed, FiDiYootDem, and quickly distinguished herself with standout performances, rude stage antics, and warehouse jams shut down by the police. Millions of video views and streams later, Tasha released her first album, the JUNO-nominated Die Every Day, in 2017. The album and its iconic videos racked up international awards and nominations. She made appearances everywhere, from International Google ads and big-city Spotify billboards, to Comedy Central’s Broad City and HBO’s Insecure.

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“Helluva Ride”: https://youtu.be/SGMBX2nZW0E

“Not The Same”: https://youtu.be/t8Ii91hktFA

“That Ain’t You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AqfwDmkPAw

“Can’t Remember”: https://soundcloud.com/tashatheamazon/cant-remember

“Intercontinental”: https://soundcloud.com/tashatheamazon/intercontinental || https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/intercontinental-single/1342299484

“Ways”: https://open.spotify.com/track/7LwxJxYe22bXR3YiIH768n || https://soundcloud.com/tashatheamazon/tasha-the-amazon-ways

“Die Every Day”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWMJPqFYMI8

“Prayer”: https://youtu.be/pKjrpNvaLeQ // https://soundcloud.com/tashatheamazon/tasha-the-amazon-prayer-produced-by-bass-and-bakery

“Watch It Burn”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m3xQSfy33M

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“Picasso Leaning”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2H2qOXtFLk

“Prayer”: https://soundcloud.com/tashatheamazon/tasha-the-amazon-prayer-produced-by-bass-and-bakery

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“Thru The Fire”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE51OUpOd_g