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“That Mexican OT is a consummate entertainer: Sometimes he’s a down-and-dirty villain who cheats to win, other times he’s a comical babyface and a boisterous drunk… All the while, he underscores how syncretic Texas music has always been, infusing traditions from both sides of the border with his own idiosyncrasies. The result is a brightly colored spectacle, a freestyle brawl of rap styles and regional flavors.”Pitchfork

“That Mexican OT is having a moment…The 24-year-old from Bay City, Texas, is the latest regional Mexican performer to take over the hearts and minds of a music-loving world. But instead of corridos tumbados y bélicos or longing cumbias, Virgil Rene Gazca, better known as That Mexican OT (the OT stands for “Outta Texas”), is making waves in the world of third coast rap.”Los Angeles Times

“He’s got his fans hopped up on the same giddy multiculturalism as he is.”The FADER

“OT’s creativity and style is introducing something truly unprecedented to the rap industry and the relatively smaller landscape of Latin rap.” – Houston Chronicle

“The Texas rapper is climbing the charts and bridging generational divides”SPIN

“His deep bag of flows and lyrical creativity as well as his consistent musical output is impressive.”  – Lyrical Lemonade

“That Mexican OT’s Southern Trap Shines On ‘Lonestar Luchador’…OT (Outta Texas) delivers a charming Southern style partnered with his own Bay City flow that makes ‘Lonestar Luchador’ a must-listen.”HotNewHipHop

That Mexican OT embodies Texas culture like few artists working in rap today. Born and bred in Bay City, TX, OT proudly represents the Third Coast, and his new album Lonestar Luchador is a singular combination of the bold flavors that come together to create Texas. OT’s music fuses the screwed-up sound and trunk rattle of Houston rap, the furious flows and methodical bars of East Coast hip-hop, and the throwback feeling of classic norteño and Tejano, a showcase of the diverse styles that made OT the one-of-a-kind MC he is today. He’s collaborated with indisputable Texas legends like Paul Wall on his single “Johnny Dang,” as well as OG Ron C on the chopped-not-slopped version of his mixtape Nonsense and Mexican Shit, placing him firmly in the legacy of Texas slab music. Signed to Manifest/GoodTalk/Good Money Global, That Mexican OT isn’t just looking to the past; he’s giving his own fresh twist to a classic sound, like a supercharged engine under the candy-painted hood of an old-school Impala.

As pioneers of the lowrider scene that’s always been such a crucial cornerstone of Southern rap, the influence of Mexican-American and Tejano culture on Houston’s hip-hop scene in particular has always been undersung. Drawing influence from the eye-catching aesthetic of lucha libre—Mexico’s distinct style of pro wrestling, known for iconic masked heroes and villains like Blue Demon, Mil Máscaras, El Santo, and Rey Mysterio—Lonestar Luchador is an affectionate tribute to the iconic creativity of Mexican culture. Tracks like “Barrio,” featuring Lefty Sm, showcase the style that OT dubs “grito ranchero,” bringing out the Tex-Mex in Texas rap by mixing tough trap beats with the passion of a nostalgic corrido. Jonny Shipes — the creative mind behind GoodTalk, formerly Cinematic Music Group — produced 5 songs on Lonestar Luchador, and says “It was a no brainer signing OT, Fee Banks who has one of the best ears in the game brought him to me & as soon as I heard him spit I knew. Combine that with the buzz OT & Greg Gates had going before I stepped in knew it would work.” That Mexican OT is next in line of the lineage of authentic and gritty voices that GoodTalk/CMG has platformed over the years, including Nipsey Hussle, Big K.R.I.T., and Joey Bada$$.

True to his name, That Mexican OT embraces and showcases his heritage on both sides of the Rio Grande, singing and spitting as effortlessly in Spanish as he does in English, each language expressing a different side of himself. OT is just as comfortable switching up his rap flow as he is the language he writes in, flipping from smooth Southern funk to boom bap on the gritty and menacing “Cowboy in New York.” There’s plenty of syrupy swagger to his voice that makes it suited to slowing down and chopping up, but he could go bar-for-bar with the most cut-throat battle rappers if he wanted, unleashing relentless chopper bars when the time is right. His flow owes as much to Eminem and Big L as it does to UGK and Lil’ Keke. OT’s sense of humor also contributes to his music’s classic feeling; the comedic skits on Lonestar Luchador, featuring the raunchy color commentary track for a fictional lucha libre show, feel like something you’d hear on a Redman or De La Soul cassette tape in the ‘90s. OT isn’t just a rapper writing verses, but a full-fledged artist thinking about the total package.

Like the masked luchadores he’s inspired by, That Mexican OT is a larger-than-life character with a stylish flair, but his music is down-to-earth and real as it gets, an effortless fusion of the many diverse sounds you hear blasting out of Cadillac speakers down South. With Lonestar Luchador, That Mexican OT stakes his claim at the forefront of a new generation of Texas rap. His music is a true product of the place he’s from, and it’s a place he’s proud to represent in both his music and his life, but his vision goes far beyond his home state, with a hybrid genre sound that has universal appeal. That Mexican OT is charting new territory, like a rough and rambling cowboy in an old Western story, always looking for the next unexplored frontier.

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