MP3 Download: The Bangerz – “Legends Never Die”

VICE’s Noisey Premieres New Leak from the DJ x Production Crew’s Upcoming PRiSM album 



The Song:

Six different talents come together as one on an epic scale when DJ and producers crew The Bangerz’ members Goldenchyld, Replay, Nick Ngo Bangerz, Cutso, Squareweezy, and G-Wrex merge. The legendary production and turntablism crew emerges victorious on “Legends Never Die,” as their innovative approach leads to a genre-transcending banger mixing elements of hip hop with electronic music. As a six-person crew, the group takes a Frankenstein-like approach to creating their music. For “Legends Never Die,” Reply submitted an early version of the song with electronic style elements and big drums, then Squareweezy added heavy 808’s and the choir. “It’s a short attention-span theatre kind of beat but we’re come to adapt ourselves and turn that into a style,” explains Goldenchyld. He adds, “It’s a tribute to shoe who set out to do legendary things and make a lasting effect on people long after they’re gone.” The crew will take listeners along on their upcoming full album, PRiSM, which will be released on June 25th.

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VICE’s Noisey premiered the track, read more here:


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The Bangerz Background:

The Bangerz, a six-person production supergroup of Goldenchyld, Replay, Nick Ngo Bangerz, Cutso, Squareweezy, and G-Wrex have evolved over time, but their roots are in Northern California where the crew met as DJs in high school. They quickly made a name for themselves, winning multiple turntablist competitions and crossed paths with then unknown dance crew, the Jabbawockeez. Before long, the Jabbawockeez were turning to the Bangerz to create all their original music – something that was almost unheard of in 2003 – and kept them close while they went on to win MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew and set up their first Vegas show. Mus.i.C, the sin-city score to that Vegas show was produced entirely by the Bangerz and charted right behind Daft Punk’s Tron on iTunes upon its release. Combining DJ skill with slick production that spans multiple genres from house, trance and dubstep to hip-hop, pop and R&B, their innovative approach to their material has served The Bangerz well, propelling them to numerous career highlights collectively and individually, including group member Replay producing tracks for Diplo, Kelis and Chris Brown.  Individually, the Bangerz have made their name as dancefloor conductors for years. Members have performed with Afrika Bambaataa, the Clipse, WuTang’s Raekwon and Ghostface Killah, Kid Koala, shared tour routes with Z-Trip, and played alongside Major Lazer and Odd Future at festivals like New Orleans’ Voodoo Fest. But with the growing popularity of melting-pot electronica where 808s and hard synths reign supreme, The Bangerz have once again found their expertise ready to shine. In the past year, the group was solicited by the director of Project X to produce a track for their anything-goes party soundtrack, and are currently preparing to release their next album, also the score to the second Jabbawockeez Vegas show, entitled PRiSM, due out June 25. 

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“Legends Never Die”:


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