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#YouHaveTo Check Out This Week’s Best Music Stories From The World of TikTok, Featuring Big Sean, Charlie Puth, and More

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It’s tempting to think of the TikTok community as a monolith, but it’s often more interesting to think of the myriad subcultures nested within. The platform provides a home for creatives of all types, from musicians and makeup artists to choreographers and comedians, to express themselves in their own ways. Music connects these disparate groups, offering a common theme around which creators can compose their variations. Take a look below to see how music connected TikTok users in recent days:

  • Salt Lake City indie band Ritt Momney might have a silly name, but their cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s 2006 hit “Put Your Records On” is doing serious business on TikTok. One of the top trending tracks of the week, “Put Your Records On” starts as a slow-and-dreamy ballad before switching on a dime to spritely-and-propulsive sparkle pop. The sudden change in the song makes “Put Your Records On” the perfect sound for a TikTok transition trend, and the TikTok community has responded. Originally starting on Makeup TikTok, where users would quickly transition from the very beginning to the very end of their makeover process, “Put Your Records On” can also provide the perfect vibes for oddly-satisfying ASMR or for increasing views by any means necessary.
  • In recent weeks, TikTok users have started several trends soundtracked by “Slowed and Reverbed” tracks, which transform popular tracks into odd, lurching shapes. Internet Money’s Top 40 hit “Lemonade” is the latest song to get this treatment, springing from a sound first used in late August by @joyy.li (560k video creations), which slows “Lemonade” to quarter speed in between “heys” during Don Toliver’s hook. The remixed “Lemonade” soundtracks failed attempts at the silent treatment, to Pixar movie reenactments, to (of course) transformation transitions. “Lemonade” is far from the only song to have slowed versions to trend on TikTok–versions of Ashnikko’s “Daisy” (160k video creations) and Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s immortal “WAP” (130k video creations) have also made an impact.
  • Detroit’s very own Big Sean returned to TikTok just ahead of the release of his recent album Detroit 2. During the week leading up to and following its release, Sean posted 12 times, sharing clips of new music videos for songs like “Lithuania” and “Body Language,” reciting inspirational lyrics from “Guard Your Heart,” and enlisted @LA_Britney to choreograph a dance for “The Baddest.” Most recently, the 32-year-old rapper popped champagne to celebrate the success of Detroit 2, the third Billboard 200 number one album of his career.
  • With a following that exceed 7 million, Charlie Puth has evolved into one of TikTok’s favorite artists for his willingness to interact and musically collaborate with fans. In August, Puth posted a video of himself playing an effortlessly funky new song, saying in the caption, “I woke up and made this. Who should sing it with me ? Tell me.” TIkTok users have responded in force, sharing duets that showcase singing skills, rapping talent, and in the case of rising artist Olivia Knoxboth. Even Oneya, the man behind @angryreactions, got in his feelings and delivered a standout verse. The “stressful” new song even inspired a rare three-user collab, featuring contributions from @ryanmackmusic and @justusraps
  • R&B singer-songwriter Vedo is best known for his behind-the-scenes contributions on songs by artists like Usher and Chris Brown. But thanks to TikTok, Vedo is finally having his moment in the sun. Vedo scored a trending single with “You Got It,” a motivational ode to fulfilling potential highlighted by smooth vocals and jazzy chords, racking up over 1 million video creations on the platform. The song started as a soundtrack for miraculous feats of hairstyling, but has since crossed over into the wider TikTok realm, inspiring videos from influencers like @njc.justin (who started a dance trend for the song), @thewalters2wins@noahbeck, and more.
  • Hannah Stater, better known as @Hannah_Harpist, is one of TikTok’s favorite classical musicians, making her name with harp and piano covers of trending TikTok soundshits of the past, and her personal favorite classical pieces. Her cinematic and wistful  cover of “A Moment Apart” by Odesza, uploaded under the original sound title “you have to stop supporting trump,” has inspired the inspirational #YouHaveTo trend, in which TikTok users implore their viewers to take control of their lives, to stop over-watering their plants, and to admit that, despite years of denial, they do have a favorite child. Drawing over 1.8 billion video views, the #YouHaveTo trend even reached Dr. Phil, who had very serious advice for his commenters. As the trend reached critical mass last week, TikTok user @sammydelucs made sure everyone knew that the trend started with Hannah and her immaculate instrument.
In a music landscape where it can be hard to cut through the noise, the TikTok community is the ultimate signal booster. Though TikTok success can come at a moment’s notice, the artists most likely to break through are the ones who actively engage with their audiences and with the broader TikTok community at large. Everyone from Billboard #1 artists to classically-trained harpists can strike a chord that resonates with users, who will respond with a like, a share, or a video of their own–as long as artists keep active and give the community a glimpse of their artistic selves, they’re on the right track.
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