Meet @TheBeatles: the Fab Four brings their music to TikTok

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Nearly 60 years after scoring their first-ever number one hit, The Beatles hold a special place in the hearts of music listeners across the globe. This #Rocktober, TikTok announces that the Fab Four have officially joined TikTok, bringing dozens of their most-beloved songs with them. Fans on TikTok will be able to follow @TheBeatles, an account dedicated to the towering legacy of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

The Beatles’ foray onto TikTok arrives in conjunction with the global release of the Let It Be album’s remixed and expanded Special Edition by Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe. Keep an eye on @TheBeatles for exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from the Let It Be sessions (the subject of Get Back, a forthcoming Peter Jackson-directed documentary coming to Disney+ this Thanksgiving weekend: November 25, 26 and 27), along with deep dives into the creation of individual songs, featuring interviews with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

For the first time ever, creators will be able to soundtrack their videos with 36 of the most iconic songs from music’s most beloved catalog. The Let It Be album’s 12 songs are now available as soundtracks for videos, including legendary hits like “Get Back,” “Across The Universe,” and the ever-staggering title track, along with cuts like the John & Paul-duet “I’ve Got A Feeling” and the George Harrison-penned “I Me Mine,” the last song The Beatles ever finished as a group.

In addition to the songs from Let It Be, The Beatles have provided all of their No. 1 U.S. and UK hits for creators to use as officially-licensed TikTok sounds. The 27 songs range from 1962’s “Love Me Do” to 1970’s “The Long and Winding Road,” capturing a snapshot of the band as they evolved from pop phenomenon to studio innovators to cultural legends. TikTok creators will be able to express affection for their special someone with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and “Something” (and, well, several other of the greatest rock & roll love songs ever recorded), weep along with “Eleanor Rigby,” and rock out to jams like “Day Tripper,” “Paperback Writer,” and their biggest-ever hit “Hey Jude.”

John Lennon’s solo catalog was launched on TikTok last October to celebrate his 80th birthday. Paul McCartney joined TikTok last December to help celebrate the release of his new album McCartney III, and he’s been an amiable and jocular presence on the platform ever since. This past July, Ringo Starr joined TikTok as part of his annual #PeaceandLove birthday celebration. George Harrison’s solo catalog was launched in August, celebrating the release of his acclaimed All Things Must Pass album in a special 50th Anniversary Edition.

The arrival of The Beatles signals the beginning of #Rocktober, a month-long celebration of rock musicians on TikTok and the towering figures that paved the way for them.

Let us “Come Together” to celebrate the presence of The Beatles on TikTok. Use  the tag “#TheBeatles” to share a video soundtracked by your favorite of the newly-arrived tracks, and follow @TheBeatles for even more.

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