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Each week, the TikTok Treats newsletter gives a snapshot of the state of music on TikTok, touching on trending hits, emerging artists, superstar moves, ascendant memes, and much more. This week, #AltTikTok picks a new favorite jam, creators celebrate their new Netflix show, and rap music new and old lift spirits and inspire new dances. Take a look at what’s been percolating on TikTok in recent weeks, finishing with a look at the kind of music that could only have originated on the platform:

  • Creators who consider themselves part of #AltTikTok consciously go against the grain, but in recent weeks, a decades-old anthem has united the niche community’s disparate corners. With an infectious riot grrl energy and easily-chantable nonsense lyrics, Le Tigre’sDeceptacon” is capable of making even the most introverted music lover move their feet. With over 78k video creations so far, “Deceptacon” hits the spot, whether creators are chanting along with Kathleen Hanna’s lyrics, playing air guitar to the solo, or styling intentionally ugly outfits.
  • TikTok has a rotating series of favorite television shows that inspire creators to use music from those shows to set a familiar vibe. The community’s current favorite show is Netflix’s Outer Banks, which has inspired two new music trends. The first involves Alt-J’s “Left Hand Free(50k creations), a big ’10s radio hit that also serves as the show’s theme song, over which creators impersonate their favorite characters like JJ and Sarah Cameron (and her enviable makeup job). The other song is Celeste’s ballad “Strange,” which soundtracks a dramatic moment in the show, and has inspired over 30k video creations, many of which involve attempts to imitate the main character’s distinct “ugly cry” face during the scene. Keenly aware of their popularity on the app, the cast of the Outer Banks used cast member @AustinNorth‘s TikTok account to ask the community what they thought of Season 2.
  • Known for his boisterous personality and unprintable lyrics, rapper BfB Da Packman effortlessly generates viral moments. Teaming up with fellow TikTok fav Coi Leray, the mailman-turned-rapper has a TikTok hit on his hands with his gleefully inappropriate, Wu-Tang-referencing song “Ocean Prime.” The song has inspired more than 100k video creations, spurred by a dance trend that adds choreography to the transition between Packman’s chorus and Coi’s verse. The trend has reached influential TikTok creators like @zoifishh and Coi herself, and its proof positive of the community’s love for scandalous wordplay.
  • In uncertain times, everyone could use a mood booster, and that’s exactly what the band Hot Freaks is providing with their fizzy indie pop song “Puppy Princess.” Perhaps inspired by the pet friendly song title, TikTok creators are using the song to show off cute animals, ranging from cats with hats to cats in love. Other users are swooning over the romantic chorus lyrics (“kiss me with your eyes closed”), showing off potential date outfits, and creating upbeat videos to accompany road trip packing. With over 48k video creations to date, “Puppy Princess” is quickly seeing its TikTok success translate into IRL numbers, as it currently sits at #2 on Spotify’s U.S. Viral 50 chart.
  • It’s never too early to teach kids the classics. This is a lesson that @momma_mandy_plus7knows very well, and her devotion to exposing her children to yesterday’s hits has resulted in one of TikTok’s most viral videos of the year so far. Last week, she posted a video of her toddler jamming out to “Regulate,” the stone cold 1993 classic by Warren G & Nate Dogg, generating over 26 million views and winning the admiration of the TikTok community. The video has sparked renewed interest in the song on the app, with some users showing off baby walking, and others creating regal skateboarding vibes.
  • Musicians on TikTok are endlessly creative, able to use their improvisatory skills to jam with any man, woman, or beast. TikTok users like @heidimuzynskimusic and @harrythedrummer turn a kitten’s melodic mewls into the next frontier of jazz scatting. Musicians like @tom_franek and @sherzodergashev_ can hear microtonal notes in a cat’s slobbering, transforming a silly moment into a groovy Uzbek jam. With TikTok’s duet feature, a drunken argument can become an intro to a midwest emo banger, and a playful road trip chant can inspire @yeahitsak to make a rap banger (now with a sequel!) that racks up over 7 million views, and over 800 video creations, many of which embellish and add to the song. Just when it seems like there might be a limit to the community’s creativity,

Though this week’s newsletter focused on esoteric and humorous trends, TikTok is still making a major impact on the pop charts. The current number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, “Stay” by Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi (830k video creations), built momentum as a snippet on Laroi’s TikTok, and other top ten hits like Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u” (2.6 million creations) and Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More” (2.8 million creations). Further down the chart, fans will find TikTok-propelled hits like Kali Uchis’s “Telapatía” (1.7 million creations), Maneskin’s “Beggin” (8.5 million creations), Farruko’s “PEPAS” (764k creations), and Sleepy Hallow’s “2055” (158k vcreations). Keep focusing on TikTok to find the biggest hits of today, and the future smashes of tomorrow.

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