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“He’s subtly melodic and catchy even outside of the hook. He does the beat justice by making what he grew up with into something new.”Pitchfork

“”Big Business is the #18 Best Rap Song of 2021–If “Big Business” is any indication, Trapland Pat may well become South Florida’s next rap auteur. In less than two minutes, he deftly connects Broward County’s disparate styles, vibrating at his own zany frequency.” – Passion Of The Weiss

“10 New Miami Rappers To Watch…Trapland Pat is unlike any other act to come out of South Florida. Since 2019, Pat has consistently delivered grimy bars and smooth cadences over an array of trap beats. Over the past three years, the Deerfield Beach native has been feeding his growing fanbase with singles like “Emergency” and “Dealings,” along with four projects: Exit 41, Pak Man, Interstate Baby, and 2020 Vision. (The last two albums were released via Fredo Bang’s imprint Bang Biz Productions/Create Music Group.) In 2021, Trapland Pat dropped his latest project, Thru Da Door, via Bang Biz, featuring collaborations with Kuttem Reese and Members Only rapper Kid Trunks. He’s still pushing his latest single, ‘Boondocks,”‘which dropped last month. However, on Instagram, Pat celebrated the anniversary of his song ‘Big Business’ and teased a potential remix coming later this year.”Miami New Times

“Over the course of the last few weeks perhaps no one else has hit the scene as hard as Pat…The Florida rapper raps with wide-eyed astonishment, seemingly at his own bars sometimes which become as animated as his facial expressions. To be honest, the sheer confidence Trapland Pat employs on the track here just makes you want to pay attention or risk missing out on something.” – ELEVATOR

“A closer look at his music reveals a charismatic street rapper with a soft flow that is both playful and inviting.”Pop Dust

“Trapland Pat makes pretty music.”Stereogum

“South Florida has no shortage of crazy-eyed young rappers with wild hair situations and near-impenetrable drawls, but Trapland Pat still stands out from the rest. The rising star has an outsized charisma and a flair for theatrical imagery, and that would be enough to set him apart. More importantly, though, he knows how to put a song together. He’s not out to transcend trap music; he’s just here to do trap music about as well as it can be done, bringing a vivid and lively bounce that harkens back to the genre’s origins.”Stereogum

Versatility fuels momentum. One moment, Trapland Pat devours off-kilter production with dominating delivery. In the next, the Deerfield, FL phenomenon siphons melody from chaotic, yet catchy bars. His cadences twist and turn like a lyrical rollercoaster towards one thrilling dip after another. These chameleonic flows continue to distinguish him. After posting up millions of views and streams, signing to Bang Biz Entertainment, and earning unanimous acclaim from Lyrical Lemonade, HipHopDX, DJ Booth, and more, he continues to surprise on his 2021 project, Thru Da Door.

“Being versatile is so important to me,” he explains. “You never know how I’m going to approach a beat or rap on a song. I never want to be predictable. I hope you’re on the edge like, ‘Damn, this guy could just switch it up at any moment and give me a different feeling I’ve never gotten before’. That’s it.”

Born a first-generation American in South Florida to Haitian immigrants, Trapland Pat learned the value of family and discipline from his mother and father. At the same time, he experienced Haiti during annual trips, taking immense pride in his heritage. His older brother often freestyled, and he followed suit for fun. Growing to six feet and three inches, he excelled on the football field where he and his teammates often roasted each other with raps. Attending college in Indianapolis on scholarship, he played wide receiver and cornerback until he found himself in some trouble.

“I was hanging around with the wrong crowd,” he admits. “Some things happened, and I lost my scholarship. I had to go home.”
Upon returning to Florida, he focused on music and went “full throttle.” Inspired by the likes of Future, Kodak Black, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Polo G, and Drake, he dropped tunes at a prolific pace and turned up with equally eye-popping and engaging videos. The visual for “Emergency” gathered 181K YouTube views in 2020 followed by “Overdose” [feat. Spotemgottem] at 195K views. As buzz grew, he inked a deal with Bang Biz Entertainment—home to Fredo Bang. He ignited 2021 with the single “New Jam Freestyle.” Of the song, Lyrical Lemonade raved, “His catalog is already fairly deep, but his incredibly catchy new single ‘New Jam Freestyle’ is the stand out thus far,” while DJ Booth named him among “10 Rappers You Should Know Right Now.” Setting the stage for Thru Da Door, “Big Business” exploded to the tune of 1.5 million views and stirred up excitement.

Launching into this next phase, the single “Ride Or U Ain’t” illuminates the extent of his dynamics. On the track, airy guitar gives way to skittering 808s as his voice stretches from melodic confessional verses into a hypnotic hook.

“Whatever you’re going through, some people will either ride or they don’t have to,” he states. “It’s not mandatory. I’m not looking for that. I’m not looking for any handouts. I’ll keep going regardless of what happens.”

Then, there’s the emotionally charged “Make It Home” [feat. Kid Trunks]. He gets personal and delivers a message to one of his closest friends.

“When my homie was small, his dad went to jail for 20 years,” he explains. “The day before his release, he died in the cell from a seizure. So, I made a tribute to his father. My friend heard it, and he loves it.”

Ultimately, his music consistently connects on this honest level.

“I want you to be able to feel where I’m coming from and relate to me,” he leaves off. “I hope I’m being vivid enough that you’re walking in my shoes and understanding me when you listen.”

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