Video: Wara From the NBHD – “Protect N Serve”

Premiered by MissInfo, the Militant Visual is the First Single From the ATL via NYC Rapper/Producer’s If Guns Could Speak EP, Slated for a January 26 Release



Critical Praise for Wara From the NBHD:

“Wara recalls the 1990s of Wu-Tang Clan and the early 2000s of Pharrell Williams’s Neptunes and N.E.R.D.” – The New York Times

“Lyrically he comes across as both book and street smart and has the direct cadence of a great live performer.”XXL

“Wara… has nearly bled mind, body and emotions dry in writing and scoring his audible biopic.”Passion of the Weiss

“If the piano breakdowns and gloomy production are any indication of how soulful Wara gets with his music, we can’t wait to see more of him in time.”Complex

“Wara has been holding it down for musically explorative hip-hop.”HotNewHipHop

“The gloomy, minimalist production… is perfectly suited for a late-night ride through town.”  – The FADER

“His hook and verses are on-point.”MissInfo

“… the rawest shit you are going to hear for the rest of the year.” – Mass Appeal

“Wara’s a writer and a slick rapper, a talented producer who knows how to shape an album’s worth of songs into a world.” – Pitchfork

The Video:

Last week, NPR debuted the cover art for Wara From the NBHD‘s forthcoming If Guns Could Speak EP, saying that they’re “curious about what Wara’s guns have to say.” Giving us the first taste of the project, MissInfo premieres the daunting video for “Protect N Serve,” which finds the ATL via NYC rapper/producer loading and exchanging guns in a dimly-lit visual by Christian Jones. Co-produced by Henry Shoults, Wara raps “And my n*ggas say it’s back up to the block, ex-con so he can’t get a job/ We don’t want one anyway, so you know it’s time to rob/ money, murder, kill, kill time, black-on-black crime/ My n*gga what it do, oh you strapped well I’m strapped too.”

“Sonically, as an artist, I’m tired of rappers making killing and drug dealing sound pretty, when it’s really dark and fucked up,” Wara From the NBHD tells MissInfo. “’Protect N Serve’ is focusing on the results that I’ve seen first hand of people I grew up around getting rejected by the system because of their criminal background and past. I felt with this record I had to speak that language, and in many ways, that’s what the EP represents: its harsh content. But this is what you hear on the daily growing up where I’m from — this negative language, slang, street codes etc.”

In addition to releasing “Protect N Serve,” Mass Appeal shared the latest episode of their popular producer series Rhythm Roulette, which shows Wara From the NBHD creating a beat after picking three vinyl records at random.

Wara From the NBHD’s If Guns Could Speak EP releases January 26, 2015.

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The Background:

Wara From the NBHD might be ATL’s next rising star. The Brooklyn born, Atlanta-based rapper serves as an embodiment of both of the areas he grew up in. An artist with a unique ability to blend both cultures seamlessly with striking lyricism and impressive production. This sentiment is highlighted with Wara’s latest release The Ill Street Blues a mix tape garnering critical praise from notable outlets such as The Fader, Complex and XXL. The project portrays a dichotomy of the good and bad Wara has experienced in his life, notably personified by his son sitting next to a gun on the mix tapes cover. His new release, Kidnapped, is a concept album produced entirely by himself.

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