Remix: Well$ – “Us Vs. The World” ft. Angelo Mota & Bankroll Bird (Prod. By Squadron)

The Charlotte Emcee Recruits Fellow Immaculate Taste Artists For the Remix to the The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous Closer



Critical praise for Well$:

“The album finds the 19-year-old straddling the line between trunk-rattling southern bounce and the witty 16s of any Freshman spitter.”  The Fader

“A charismatic live performer…the hometown hero is ready to shine whenever the national look is imminent. – Pitchfork

“Well$ uses inspiration from his own heritage as well as popular American culture to develop a sound that is distinctly his own, drawing on southern influences as well as his own African culture.” – Complex

“Charlotte, N.C., may not be the first city to come to mind when thinking of hip hop hotbeds, but thanks to a rising echelon of talent, that’s about to change. Leading that charge is 19-year-old Leroy Shingu, who goes by the name of Well$.” – Huffington Post

“Catching the frenetic electronic beat effortlessly, Well$ proved that he has talent that deserves to go well beyond a local stage.” – Noisey

The Remix:

With an aggressive bark, an excellent ear for beats, and complex lyricism, Well$ is one of North Carolina’s most promising young emcees. A child of Congolese immigrant parents, the struggle between his parents’ African values and Well$’ American lifestyle forms the backbone of his latest album, The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous, premiered last week by Pigeons & Planes. Today, as a thank you for the positive reception towards the new mixtape, Well$ gifts fans with a remix to TWILMMMN closer “Us vs. The World.” Featuring appearances from fellow Immaculate Taste artist Angelo Mota Charlotte up and comer Bankroll Bird, “Us vs. The World” is an aggressive piano-driven banger and a lyrical showcase for the three emcees, who share their best punchlines over the stuttering snares over the Squadronproduced beat. Premiered by Mass Appeal, “Us vs. The World” (Remix) is the ideal complement to TWILMMMN and a great introductory track for those unfamiliar with Well$ and the North Carolina scene.

“As a thank you to the fans for the response the album has been receiving, I wanted to thank them by dropping the remix of ‘Us vs the World’. ‘Us vs the World’ is exactly what it sounds like: I wanted to show people North Carolina and Immaculate Taste’s mentality. We’re really out here going Jimmy whether or not the world wants to recognize it. Adding Bankroll Bird was an easy choice as he is one of my favorite Charlotte artists. He heard the beat before and was down. I also added my Immaculate Taste teammate Angelo Mota who added that Jersey grit that rounded it out… so play this shit if niggas ain’t respectin’ yo pimpin pimpin.”

The follow-up to 2014’s MTSYD: Revenge of the African Booty ScratcherThe Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous is a more mature effort from Well$, as well as an impressive showcase of the North Carolina scene. With appearances from North Carolina artists such as Sylvan Esso, Deniro Ferrar, Angelo Mota, JK The Ripper, Doms, Alec Lomami, and Sipho the Gift, along with varied production from Metro Boomin, Angelo Mota, Sipho the Gift, Jimmy Kelso and others, TWILMMMN proves that there is no style that Well$ can’t tackle. The musical diversity of these tracks is matched by Well$’ vocal and lyrical prowess, applying his trademark growl and clever wordplay to each song. “With MTSYD: The Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher, I was speaking from the perspective of an African kid living as an American,” explains Well$. “Now, with The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous, I’m speaking about how my American upbringing clashes with my African values. The way it makes my mom nervous because I chose the opposite path that they had wanted for me.” The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous is now available to purchase on iTunes and stream on Spotify.

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Well$ Background:

Like most kids in his native town of Charlotte, North Carolina, Leroy Shingu had a head filled with hip-hop dreams growing up, even trying his hand at freestyling when he was all of nine years old. But a trying background starkly different from the blissful suburban reality of his peers would compel the rapper better known as Well$ to turn that childhood fantasy into a promising career as a rapper. Quietly released in 2012, $ay La V, Well$’ debut EP rose steadily on the Bandcamp charts to peak at number 5 and eventually become the most downloaded album in the Charlotte area. This remarkable ascent as well as the video for the song “State of Ecstasy The Interlude Part 1″ hauled Well$ out of virtual anonymity, and shoved him onto high profile stage performances with artists such as G Eazy, Chris Webby, Johnny Polygon, and one of his idols, Pac Div. His 2014 project, MTSYD: Revenge of the African Booty Scratcher was well-received by fans and critics alike. Well$ released his The Way I’m Living Makes My Mom Nervous project on October 21, 2016.

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