Cypress Hill Celebrate Their 25th Anniversary With The Release of Their Own Emojis in Partnership With Emoji Fame

The Legendary California Trio Releases a Set of Over 100 Insane Emojis, Prepares For NYC Concert at Terminal 5 



The Emojis:

25 years ago, the SoCal trio of B-Real, Sen Dog,¬†and¬†DJ Muggs introduced the world to “That Funky Cypress Hill Shit,” releasing their critically acclaimed and hugely successful debut album Cypress Hill. Today,¬†Cypress Hill continues to celebrate their 25th Anniversary with the release of their own set of emojis, created by custom emoji app¬†Emoji Fame. With over 100 emojis to choose from, fans will be able to communicate with each other using the band’s faces, lighters, skulls, low riders, lyrics and more. “Cypress Hill are bonafide legends,” explains Emoji Fame co-founder Gavin Rhodes, “So when we were presented with the opportunity to do set of emojis for them in conjunction with their debut album’s 25th anniversary, we went insane in the membrane. The Emoji Fame team got extra creative with their set; it’s got lowriders, copious weed references, clever text blocks, and of course a huge selection of B-Real, Sen Dog, and DJ Muggs faces and bodies.” The set is now available in the iTunes app store for 99 cents.

Finishing up a year of successful touring, Cypress Hill will bring their¬†“Haunted Hill” show to Terminal 5 in New York tomorrow, October 28th. In addition, the trio announced this summer that they will be releasing a limited-edition, ultra deluxe 25th Anniversary Skull¬†reissue of their classic 1991 debut. The entire set is housed in a unique, hard resin black skull–a faithful, 3-D physical recreation of the group’s 1991 logo–and features a CD with remastered audio, as well as a 100-plus page hardcover book that includes extensive liner notes with input from the group.

Released in 1991 and buoyed by hits such as “How I Could Just Kill a Man” and “The Phuncky Feel One,”¬†Cypress Hill’s self-titled debut sold over¬†2 million copies. They followed that with the release of¬†Black Sunday, which debuted¬†#1 on Billboard 200 in 1993¬†and set the record for the biggest sales week for a rap group. With their hit “Insane in the Brain” crossing-over to mainstream, the album sold¬†3.5 million copies, making Cypress Hill the first rap group to have 2 albums in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 charts at the same time. They went on to release six more albums, which have¬†sold over 18 million copies worldwide.¬†

The emoji set is available now at

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Emoji Fame:

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