When The Eggplant 🍆 Just Isn’t Enough,¬†A Set of Valentine’s Day Emojis For Your Special or Ex-Special Someone

From #RejectedCandyHeartSayings to Heart-Shaped Pizzas, Emoji Fame’s¬†Naughty “Bae Day” Set Has What You Need for the Most Animated Late-Night Conversations.



The Emojis:

This Valentine’s Day,¬†it’s time to stop being coy, drop the euphemisms and tell that special someone how you really feel with “Bae Day,” a new set of custom emojis from¬†Emoji Fame.¬†The go-to company for fun, debaucherous emojis for every occasion, Emoji Fame’s “Bae Day” set of love-themed emojis makes sexting or shading simpler with a wide array of conversation hearts and naughty images. Whether you want to share your passion with¬†a significant other, lash out at a heartbreaker, or express your frustration on a lonely 14th, Emoji Fame’s 18+ “Bae Day” will have the right emoji for you. Bae Day is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

The leader in custom emojis, featured in¬†Complex, Billboard, Noisey, Guitar Player, The Albuquerque Journal,¬†The Houston Chronicle, SF Weekly, and Bill Simmon’s¬†The Ringer, Emoji Fame partners with your favorite musicians, celebrities and brands to create unique emojis. With recent sets created for Ziggy Marley, Cypress Hill, and Devo, the “Bae Day” set is a fantastic follow-up to Emoji Fame’s popular “Memes ‘N Things” set of iMessage stickers. Learn more about Emoji Fame at its official website.

The emoji set is available now at vday.emojifame.com


We have a limited number of free coupon codes available for the set. If you’d like one, please contact Michelle, Gavin or Dharmic¬†for more info.

Emoji Fame:

Emoji Fame makes custom emojis from your favorite musicians, celebrities and brands. Emoji Fame has been featured in Complex, Billboard, Noisey, NME,¬†Guitar Player, The Albuquerque Journal,¬†The Houston Chronicle, SF Weekly, and Bill Simmon’s¬†The Ringer.¬†Unlike other apps, Emoji Fame’s¬†are officially licensed by the artists, which means fans’ in-app purchases help them¬†continue making the art that you love.

Recent sets include the almighty hip-hop titans, Cypress Hill, legendary New Wave cult band Devo, Grammy-winning reggae star, Ziggy Marley, controversial punk icon, GG Allin, Black Label Society guitar god, Zakk Wylde, and Philadelphia shoegazers, NOTHING, among many others.

Emoji Fame is the ONLY officially licensed emoji app that allows fans to message friends with custom emojis, text, and iOS emojis in the same message. Their clever custom keyboard allows fans to communicate with custom emojis in the way that emojis were meant to be used- as part of their everyday texts and emails.