Video: wifisfuneral – “All Bones”

The South Florida Native Shares a Visually Striking Clip for the Introspective EV3RYTHING SUCKS EP Intro

Critical Praise:

XXL Freshman, Class of 2018

“[wifisfuneral] displays an impressive array of verbal acrobatics, showing off masterful breath control and a rapid fire flow.”  – Pitchfork

“He’s synthesized the regionless, borderless world of the internet age from which he takes his name, while lacing it with a narcotically addictive flow and a distinct ear for melody that’s allowed him to develop while others stagnate.” – NOISEY

“The young rapper has a wide range of skills, from agile raps and bass-heavy tracks to dark and moody slow-burners, and his unpredictability is part of his appeal” – Pigeons & Planes

The Video:

wifisfuneral specializes in rap for dark nights of the soul, crafting songs that unflinchingly confront his inner demons. Working through his trauma with deep introspection, wifi shares All Bones,” his new music video. Produced by wifi’s frequent collaborator GRiMM Doza, “All Bones” is a single-verse rumination on addiction, grief, and loneliness, as wifi struggles to overcome his negative urges: “My thoughts insane and too violent/And they said I can’t hate myself/But I still fuckin’ hate myself and I ain’t fuckin’ lyin’/Hold up, I’m slowly dyin’, ain’t no need for no cryin’.” Filmed in stark black-and-white, the video finds wifi retreating to desolate park, with only brick columns for company, the camera capturing his every shadow. “All Bones” is the introductory track from EV3RYTHING SUCKS, wifi’s December 2019 EP.

A 7-track collection of cerebral rap gems, wifi continues the Ethernet series with EV3RYTHING SUCKS. The follow-up to 2018’s standout Ethernet Vol. 1 mixtape and last summer’s Ethernet 2 EPEV3RYTHING SUCKS (abbreviated to E3) is home to several quality video singles, including the YBN Nahmir-featuring Peace Sign,” last week’s Ratchet Roach-featuring It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane!,” the colorful Split,” and the symbolic What You Made Me.” Featuring production from NVBEEL, GRiMM Doza, and Cxdy (of Internet Money), E3 is available everywhere via Alamo Records.

E3 finished off a busy year for wifi, marked by two headlining tours, three projects, and numerous collaborations with up-and-coming rappers. In June, wifi dropped Ethernet 2, an emotionally bare examination of his fraught mental state, with bright sonics that bely the heavy subject matter powering singles like “run?” (5.3 million Spotify streams). At the top of the year, wifi teamed up with Robb Bank$ for Conn3t3d, an 11-track collab project that fueled a nationwide tour. Most recently, wifi hopped on Beretta,” an anthem by rising Florida rhymer $not, which racked up over 8 million combined streams on SoundCloud and Spotify. Earlier this month, wifi teamed up with veteran rock band Buckcherry to update their 2006 hit “Crazy B*tch.

Watch “All Bones”: https://youtu.be/IHa63es_PyI

Buy/Stream “All Bones”: http://smarturl.it/allbones

Buy/Stream EV3RYTHING SUCKS EP: http://smarturl.it/ev3rythingsucks

  1. EV3RYTHING SUCKS EP tracklist:
    1. All Bones
    2. It’s A Bird! It’s a Plane! (feat. Ratchet Roach)
    3. Peace Sign ft. YBN Nahmir
    4. What You Made Me
    5. Split
    6. Slide
    7. Stick

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The Background:
22-year-old South Florida rapper wifisfuneral has taken his dark sonics, mature-beyond-his-years lyrics, and trunk rattling bass from the streets of Palm Beach to the world, amassing over 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 700,000 followers on various social media platforms. wifisfuneral’s growth has been organic and cult-like, with his fans spreading his music like wildfire with each and every release. With virtually zero promotion other than his social media presence, wifisfuneral’s independent projects Black Heart Revenge (May 27th, 2016) and When Hell Falls (January 27, 2017) reached #69 and #17 on the iTunes hip-hop charts respectively, resulting in a label deal with Alamo and Interscope Records. His major label debut mixtape, Boy Who Cried Wolf, received critical acclaim, with two of the tracks earning placement in the Spotify’s coveted Most Necessary playlist. His latest mixtape, Ethernet, was released in June 2018 via Alamo Records. In 2018, wifisfuneral was officially named to the XXL Freshman List and reached #1 on YouTube’s trending chart. In 2019, wifi headlined two nationwide tours, released two follow-up EPs to Ethernet, and collaborated with Robb Bank$ on the Conn3ct3d project.


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“All Bones”: https://youtu.be/IHa63es_PyI

“It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!” ft. Ratchet Roach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2I02ZG3iqQ

“What You Made Me”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hEn4ZT6QXU

EV3RYTHING SUCKS EP: http://smarturl.it/ev3rythingsucks

“Split”: https://youtu.be/XGiDoQOKtSg

“Peace Sign” ft. YBN Nahmir: http://smarturl.it/wifipeacesign

Ethernet 2https://smarturl.it/ethernet2

“Alone As A Facetat”: https://youtu.be/9t2a0gp5g5E

“run?”: http://smarturl.it/run


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