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Wizz Havinn

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“…it’s straight-up Southern fly shit. It’s the type of song that I can imagine becoming the motivational soundtrack for SEC defensive lineman, with emphasis on this line: ‘I make music that can make you get yo’ own money.’ The soul may be old, but the mood is timeless.”Pitchfork

“Wizz’s Havinn’s adlibs sound like they were recorded in a cave to maximize the amount of echo he gets. It rules, and it’s probably the reason why my own inner thoughts have started to come with a little bit of echo…It’s a good snapshot of what makes Florida’s rap scene so exciting right now: They’re pulling in influences from all over the country and from eras of rap without losing any of their homegrown identity.” The FADER

“Wizz Havinn’s Mr. Too Sticky dropped a few days before Christmas, but I’ll call it the first good rap tape of 2023. On “C Class,” the Tallahassee rapper sounds like he’s having a conversation with his seat leaned all the way back.” – The FADER

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Press Releases

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