Audio: Bigg Unccc – “Letter To Flippa

The South Memphis Spitter & PRE Signee Pays Homage to His Mentor with Booming Tribute

The Song:

Of the many vocations that encompass Young Dolph’s lasting legacy, the Paper Route Empire independent label of hungry, talented artists hand-picked by Dolph continues to honor his vision and life’s work by bringing the greatness he saw in them to fruition. South Memphis’ Bigg Unccc is the latest PRE artist to eulogize his mentor on a track with the release of his single, “Letter to Flippa.” The track sees Bigg Unccc wrestle with his grief, yet remain dedicated to fulfilling Dolph’s belief in him, delivering hard-nosed bars with his uptempo flow and dressed-down Southern delivery.

“Letter to Flippa” is a standout among dedication tracks for its raw groundedness in reality, as Unccc calls out those who hyperbolize their grief for clout while grappling with vengeful temptations of his own. Yet, he realizes those inclinations would only have him regress into the life Dolph helped him out of, rapping, “I was just f****d up and starving/But you had reached out and you came and saved a n****/You told me to rap and you told me be patient, n****.”

The track closes out with a touching clip from Young Dolph that echoes Unccc’s sentiments while seemingly passing the torch, commissioning Unccc to go finish the work he started, as Dolph raps, “Trust nobody, ‘cause I’m cold-hearted/My young n**** Bigg Unccc, b****, he the hardest.”

Stream “Letter To Flippa”: https://music.empi.re/flippa

Bigg Unccc / Photo Credit: @IThinkEthan

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Stream “Letter to Flippa”: https://music.empi.re/flippa