Young Dolph & Key Glock Share Dum & Dummer 2, Their Highly-Anticipated Collaborative Project

The Paper Route EMPIRE Duo is Cold as Ice in the Video for Opening Track “Penguins

The New Album is the Sequel to the Memphis Duo’s 2019 Dum & Dummer, Which Peaked in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200

The Album + Video:

Blessed with unparalleled gifts for crafting punchlines about their lives of luxury, nobody in the rap game flexes harder than Young Dolph and Key Glock. Compiling their opulent magnum opus, the Paper Route EMPIRE duo share Dum & Dummer 2, a new collaborative album. The sequel to 2019’s Dum & Dummerwhich peaked at #8 on the Billboard 200, Dum and Dummer 2 finds Dolph & Glock operating at an even higher level of craftsmanship, charisma, and luxury. With artwork that references MTV’s most famous duo, Beavis & Butthead, Dum & Dummer 2 establishes the two rappers (and cousins) as two halves of the same brain, each seamlessly picking up threads and finishing lines that the other leaves off.

The album spans 20-tracks, boasting production from PRE’s own Bandplay, who shows off his musicality and versatility, along with beats from Memphis native Sosa808 and decorated producer Ramy On The BeatDum & Dummer 2 is home to a series of standout singles, including the hauntingly flex-heavyCase Closed,” the soulful winter-weather celebration Aspen,” and the classily ratchet “Sleep With The Roaches,” which dropped last week. Dum and Dummer 2 features several solo songs from both Young Dolph and Key Glock interspersed with the heavy-hitting tag-team tracks, including Key Glock’s bombastic “I’m The Type,” and Dolph’s bite-sized ad-lib-athon  Yeeh Yeeh.” 

Along with the album, Dolph & Glock share the video for Penguins,” the tape’s ice-cold opening track. Populated by ping-ponging synths and whirring melodies from Bandplay, “Penguins” is a hauntingly percussive Tennessee trap banger. Dolph and Glock take turns setting the tone for their verses throughout the tape, showing off their playfully competitive dynamic and using entrancing repetition to hammer their points home. “It’s a big difference that’s between me and you/I can show you how to hustle, how to ball, and how to shoot/I been doin’ this since a jit, lil b*tch, this sh*t ain’t nothin’ new,” spits Glock. In the video, Dolph and Glock show us how they live, as they take their luxury vehicles to Downtown Memphis, connecting at a gas station and then the club.

Continuing the Memphis natives’ reign as two of the game’s most uncompromising and exciting independent superstars, Dum & Dummer 2 is the most extensive glimpse yet at Dolph & Glock’s extravagantly expensive lifestyles. Dum & Dummer 2 is available everywhere via Paper Route EMPIRE.

Yesterday, Dolph announced the #DumAndDummer2AlbumChallenge on his Instagram. The rapper announced that he would give away $25,000 each week for the next four weeks to the winners (one winner per week). The first challenge? Be the first to email Dolph with the 10,888th word said on Dum & Dummer 2. The challenge will change each week–keep an eye on @YoungDolph for the latest updates.

Buy/Stream Dum and Dummer 2https://music.empi.re/dumanddummer2

Watch “Penguins”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOffID-Hp7M

Dum & Dummer 2 tracklist:
1. “Penguin” (Prod. Bandplay)
2. “What U See Is What U Get” (Prod. Bandplay)
3. “Aspen” (Prod. Bandplay)
4. “In Glock We Trust” (Key Glock Solo) (Prod. Ramy On The Beat)
5. “Cheat Code” (Prod. Bandplay)
6. “Coordinate” (Young Dolph Solo) (Prod. Sosa 808)
7. “I’m the Type” (Key Glock Solo) (Prod. Bandplay)
8. “Case Closed” (Prod. Bandplay)
9. “I Can Show You” (Key Glock Solo) (Prod. Bandplay)
10. “RAIN RAIN” (Prod. Bandplay)
11. “Something Else” (Prod. Bandplay)
12. “Yeeh Yeeh” (Young Dolph Solo) (Prod. Bandplay)
13. “Buddy Love” (Prod. Bandplay)
14. “Nintendo” (Key Glock Solo) (Prod. Bandplay)
15. “Sleep With The Roaches” (Prod. Bandplay)
16. “Move Around” (Key Glock Solo) (Prod. AD)
17. “Hashtag” (Young Dolph Solo) (Prod. Sosa 808)
18. “Pot of gold” (Prod. Cheese)
19.” A Goat & A Dolphin” (Prod. Bandplay)
20. “Dumbest & the Dumbest” (Prod. Bandplay)

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Bio, photos, music and more can be found at www.audibletreats.com/young-dolph

Young Dolph & Key Glock – Dum and Dummer 2https://music.empi.re/dumanddummer2

Young Dolph & Key Glock – “Penguins”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOffID-Hp7M

Young Dolph – “Yeeh Yeeh”: https://music.empi.re/yeehyeeh

Young Dolph & Key Glock – “Sleep With The Roaches”: https://music.empi.re/sleepwiththeroaches / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zor0D6s6JOs

Young Dolph & Key Glock – “Aspen”: https://music.empi.re/aspenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBoRupTiKhQ

Young Dolph & Key Glock – Dum and Dummer 2 pre-order: https://music.empi.re/dumanddummer2

Key Glock – “I’m That Type”: https://music.empi.re/imthetype

Young Dolph & Key Glock – “Case Closed”: https://music.empi.re/caseclosed

Young Dolph & Key Glock – “Green Light”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ8nLbNPV-k

Young Dolph – “Large Amounts”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6YAoOYQkvo

Young Dolph – Rich Slave (Deluxe)https://music.empi.re/richslave_deluxe

Young Dolph & Key Glock – Dum & Dummerhttps://empire.lnk.to/dummer