🇯🇲 Rastamojis 🇯🇲: Grammy-Winning Reggae Star Ziggy Marley Releases Set of Custom Emojis, In Conjunction With Emoji Fame

Yeah Mon, Ziggy Marley and Ziggy Marley 420 Emoji Sticker Sets Now Available



The Emojis:

Multiple Grammy Award-winning reggae legend Ziggy Marley continues to diversify his creative outlets. Following this year’s release of his latest solo album, Ziggy Marley, and his cookbook of personal and family culinary favorites, Marley delves into virtual graphics with the world’s first line of reggae-themed emojis, premiered today by Reggaeville. In a partnership with Emoji Fame, a licensed emoji app available via iOS, Marley curated and developed two sets of emojis inspired by and reflective of the reggae culture and lifestyle, as well as Ziggy’s own particular interests.

With imagery ranging from symbolic nods to Jamaica, soccer, and of course, music, the reggae star offers a pair of colorful collections: the Ziggy pack and the Ziggy 420 pack. “While working on these emojis, we strove to harness the infectious positivity that Ziggy Marley brings to the world via his music,” said Gavin Rhodes, co-founder of Emoji Fame. “Fans can now share that energy in emoji form with Ziggy’s Rasta Mojis.”

Marley, as well, is excited to have yet another medium to reach and entertain reggae lovers. “Emojis offer a way to communicate without words,” said Marley. “I am very blessed to introduce my own way of expression which I have personally created along with Emoji Fame. I know everyone will enjoy using these emojis as much as I will. One love.” The emojis will be available worldwide via the iMessage App store beginning December 7.

We have a limited number of promo codes to install the sets for free, please contact us if you are interested.

The emoji sets are available now at:

Ziggy Marley (Family Friendly): ziggy.emojifame.com

Ziggy 420 (Ganja Friendly): ziggy420.emojifame.com

Please contact Michelle, Gavin or Dharmic for more info or promo codes

ziggy-text-block-yeah-mon ziggy-body-dance



Emoji Fame:

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Ziggy Marley: